Outfit: Burgundy on leaves….

Hi guys
taking pics for the blog isn´t always as easy as everyone might think. First of all you gotta choose an outfit which expresses yourself and it also should be fashionable for the season you are in. Then you gotta choose a location where you wanna shoot it .Of course there are many but you can not take each you would like to. The thing I am struggling with at the moment is the darkness. It is getting dark so early that I can not shoot like the rest of the year as I am working until five and there is no daylight left. So for Winter we can only take pics on the weekend. So I gotta shoot some outfits ahead that I can keep posting everyday.
I had worn this one to my aunts house on Saturday for coffee and cake. You might not see it in the pics but it was super cold and raining. 🙂

Pullover – H&M old (similar here)
Scarf – H&M old (similar here)
Skirt – Bonprix
Heels – H&M old (similar here)
Shopper – Carpisa color old (other one here)
Lips – Precious Plum Manhattan

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Take care. See you. Love K.

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