Outfit: Lace tights / orange cardigan / animal printed scarf / a-line skirt….

Skirt similar here / Cardigan similar here and here and here  / Tights similar here and here / Scarf similar here / Bag similar here / Heels similar here


Hi dolls,

weather is just crazy. It has been so warm and nice yesterday and it is
super cold and rainy and dark today. I have mentioned this earlier but
it is so hard to get dressed – especially for me cause I plan my daily
outfit the night before otherwise this would end in a total disastaer
and I would be late for work every single day – when the weather changes
every day. 

this look might not be Spring appropriate but I always love a good
orange. I have worn this pair of tights a few weeks earlier and I still
love them. The pattern is so trendy yet feminine and they are a real
highlight to the whole outfit. Also an a-line skirt is always good for
twirling and which girl doesnt´t like to twirl ?!

for waiting so long for the last post of my London Diary. I wanted to
post it today but it just diasppeared. I can´t find it anymore so I have
to start all over again. I am really sad and also a little mad
everyone a nice Wednesday. After all this chaos this morning I am
really looking forward to the evening. Going to the mall today cause I
am looking for some decoration / storage pieces for my dressing room and
afterwards we are having some chinese food. Yes 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you.

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