Outift: Rose and Kashmink….

Hi guys
aren´t the sunny fall days just gorgeous ?! I won´t get tired talking about this cause we need to get as much Vitamin C as possible until the sun is away during the long winter months.
I had worn this outfit last weekend and it has been so comfortable. I am totally into those light rose tones these days. And this checkered matching scarf is the softest I have ever seen.
We watched a Soccer game on Saturday. Our city team played against one from the north. The were pretty even but lost in the end. So sad. Afterwards we went into the city for some fall pullover shopping for my honey. And then we headed home for cooking some dinner and watching Revenge. Totally into this series since we found it on Sky and are able to watch all episodes in a row. 
On sunday we slept long and visited my honeys grandpa after another soccer game cause he is not doing very well at the moment and in the evening I made some smokin hot homemade Chili.


Pullover – New Look
Scarf – Kashmink (similar here)
Jeans – H&M
Heels – Buffalo
Crossbody Bag – David Jones (similar here)

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. Love K.

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