Packing for flying and travel outfit….

Pullover on sale !!! / Joggers also on sale

This is a little peak on my travel outfit.
Hi dolls,

was a tough one. First of all and for some background information all
of our last vacations we went were in a car ride distance so we went by
car and since Florian has a big car I had no probs on taking with me
what I wanted to. But now we are flying and your baggage weight is
limited on 20 kg per person so this is pretty bad and I wanted to take
as much outfits
with me as possible because there are so many great locations and
places for shooting pics – and guess what – I managed this in taking
some space from Florians suit case (he suggested this and of course I
took that chance). We might get a problem by flying back because I think
we are buying some new things for sure but that isn´t a current problem.

Das war wahnsinnig schwer. Zuallererst und für ein wenig Hintergrundinformation – alle unsere letzten Urlaubsziele waren mit dem Auto zu erreichen. Und da Florian ein großes Auto besitzt hatte ich keinerlei Probleme mitzunehmen was ich wollte. Aber da wir jetzt fliegen sind wir auf 20 kg pro Gepackstück begrenzt was für mich wirklich schwer ist da ich viele verschiedene Outfits mitnehmen wollte für so viele wie mögliche Outfitshoots. Und wisst ihr was – ich habe den halben Platz aus Florians Koffer bekommen (er hat es angeboten und ich habe die Gelgenheit sofort beim Schopf gepackt). Eventuell haben wir aber beim Rückflug ein Platzproblem aber soweit sind wir noch nicht.

I decided to take a carry-on with me – don´t know now if this is very practical – cause in case my luggage gets lost I need some of my stuff with me (chargers, some make-up, at least two more outfits, underwear,…). And the other reason is that I am carrying my expensive and fragile stuff in their cause most of you know how the guys at the airport treat the luggage.

As you are reading this I am already on the plane going to London !!! Yeah !!!
Be sure to check my Instagram for more information.
Thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you.

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