Book presentation – Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual + Makeup Brushes

Hi guys

this weekend my brush set finally arrived. And it is awesome. It is green and I think it is very special. Green is one of my favorite colors so I had to have it. It is fake hair but that is okay for me because I can not use brushe made of animal hair. I know that the quality is better but shortly after I used them my face is starting to itch so badly I can´t help it.
I ordered the set  from amazon but the seller was from england so it took a while until it arrived.

The other product I want to mention is the Bobbi Brown Makeup  Manual. I purchased it a while ago but I first wanted to read it before I tell you a little about it. I think it is great for beginners.  It shows a lot of tricks how to put on  different types of make-up (like lipsticks, eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, blush, applying false lashes…..) There are many descriptions in text and pictures. It is easy to nachvollziehen the different steps. 
It also has some (maybe not for everybody) live changing hints like organizing your makeup for home, work, travelling, the gym and more. Another chapter I really likes is that she explains all the tools you need like brushes, sponges, lash tools and how to maintain them.
It is also about lifestyle like eating and staying healthy and being active or staying active.
She explains different skin types and explains how to take care of each. She shows different types of women from different countries and how to get the passendes makeup.
She also shows the difference between makeup for teens and older people or what would be the best bridal makeup or makeup for other occcasions.

The last chapter is all about being a professional. Which makeup kit you need and how you can get and stay into this hard business.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Next book is coming very soon….

Take Care and see you

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Recipe: Scramlbed Eggs with smoked salmon, olives, mozzarella cheese and scallions

Hi guys 

today I have another quick and easy and delicious recipe for you:

You all know how to make scrambled eggs – I think so – so let´s pimp them 🙂

Here is what you need: 

smoked salmon
mozzarella cheese
green olives
and of course eggs (here are three, but I made it with six, it depens on your appetit)
  -Cut the scallions, olives and the cheese into small pieces
 -Tear the salmon in small pieces as well

– make scrambled eggs

– spice them how you like it, I took salt, pepper and a arrabiata mix (usual for spaghetti) with chilli

– put the rest of your ingridients into your scrambled eggs and mix it

– there you are – already done and ready to eat

good appetit 🙂

Keep looking forward for the next recipe. Might be a homemade sangria.

Take care. See you.

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Essence – Nautigirl collection

Hi guys

here is a quick update for you  on the latest essence trend edition.

nauti – girl

That is some cute stuff. I was so excited when I first saw it. I also loved the sea and the maritim themes and colors so I had to get some of the cute stuff. Keep reading and have a look:

That´s the only blush they have in this editon but it is awesome. There is an anchor print in the middle and it has kind of a redish peachy color. Looks great on your cheeks, especially for summer when your skin is a little tanner than usual. And the called it Anchors Aweigh !!!!

Those are the two lipsticks they offer. The lighter one is kind of an every day color. It is a light peachy nude color with a little shimmer and the second one is a vibrant,  almost red-orange color. Great to wear on the evenings.
(You can see the color difference by the swatches in the picture)

The last product I had gotten is a nail polish in – of course – kind of a mattee navy blue. Maybe you know that I like the dark nail polishes more than the light ones so I had to got this one. They also had a nude one but nomore in stock. Haven´t tried it yet.

Keep on looking forward to the next trend editon review…….

Take care. See you.

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Last weeks outfits of the day – Pant weather

Hi guys

the weather has been really ugly lately so it has been pants weather because although it is summer I don´t want to freeze. Here are some of my last weeks outfits:

# 1

H&M – Jacket
New Yorker – Top
New Yorker – Jeans
Venturini – Pumps
Guess – Shopper

It was a casual monday for me and I did not want to wear a blazer and no ordinary jacket so I decided to go with this on. The material is kinda woven. It is really soft and it has those creme colored separating strips. That makes it special. The color is a little different like from a beige to khaki color so I paired it with dargreen matching shirt and shoes.

Sweater old
Shirt – New Yorker
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Buffallo
Shopper – Guess

This was a really cold and windy day so I decided to go best with my high top sneakers and it was a good decision. The sweater is from a small market in Italy. Can not remeber the name anymore but I like it a lot. It is very versatile and it is matching with the most current trends.

H&M – Shirt
Levis – Jeans
Venturini – Pumps
Mango – Bag

Another cold and rainy day. Had to run some errands after work and I was really happy that I was wearing long sleeves.

This is one of my favorite shirts I own ( and I got a lot). I like the color. It matches with a lot of other colors and it looks very noble and a little shiny. And it has this cute flower application on the left side of the collar.
The jeans are levis I had bought at the outlet mall in Orlando, Florida a few years ago. It still fits perfectly. 
The bag is from the mango online store and has this great and still trendy trapez shape, also got this one in black.

# 4

H&M – Cardigan and pants
Armani Jeans- Shopper
Shirt – old
Shoes – old

This outfit had so many likes on my Instagram account, I almost couldn´t believe it . Maybe it is because of this great and vibrant blue. Or the great 70´s style pattern on the pants. Don´t really know. I also liked it a lot.

That has been my cold rainy and windy pant week. The weather is slowly getting better. Hope summer is coming back soon to wear some of my dresses. They are already waiting to get out of the wardrobe.

Take care and see you soon.

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