Black and White Cake Pops…


I am not much of a candy gal but cupcakes, cookies and of course doughnuts have my heart. If I make any of these I am a 100 % sure I am going to eat more of them than I anticipated but I just can´t stop until they are gone. So I am not making these kinds of sweets often but last week Emilia wanted to have a cake pop and since you can´t get them anywhere I decided to make some at home.

They have been very easy to make although they look very complicated but there are only a few simple steps to follow and you have yourself some cake pops. You can make them as colorful as you like but I went with classic black and white ones today. They would look very pretty at a roaring 20´s party for example.

Now let´s talk about the few steps that will lead you to your delicous cake pop. First of all make the cake. I have used this recipe twice already and it works out great every time. Then make your frosting. You are crumbling up the baked cake to add the frosting and make little balls, stick the cake pop sticks into them. After that I put them in the fridge for about two hours. In the meantime I am melting the chocolate I need and get the decorations ready cause the chocolate hardens fast and you will get your sprinkles and mini marshmallows on there quickly.

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Our Little Coffee Corner at Home…


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I just love my morning coffee. It is one of the little things I cherish everday over and over. The first sip of coffee is like a huge burst of energy running through my veins I just can´t describe this feeling. Also in my opinion the first coffee of the day tastes best. No matter where you get it in which way you decide to drink it. I always have a black coffee with a splash of fat free milk but if we are out for breakfast I´ll get a cappuccino and if we are at Starbucks I´ll usually have a vanilla latte. 3 super boring coffee orders but that´s just me. I like it simple and sometimes with a little twist.

Now let´s move on to our coffee corner I have created over the years we have lived in our house and to this day I think it is the perfect spot to make my morning coffee. I can wait for the coffee maker to heat up while breathing in fresh morning air from the window besides and I can also have a look outside how the weather is doing (or sometimes what the neighbours are doing 😉 ).

We have a very simple coffee maker and it is totally fine. There are different coffee pads you can purchase, also from huge coffee brands like Dallmayr or Jacobs. Another option you also have is a hot chocolate version which is also very yummy and calorie reduced cause it is made with hot water.

I personally love to have a clear theme so I got a coffee picture, some coffee themed books and a coffee candle that turned out to be the best smelling candle I have ever lit. The customized go-to Starbucks cups are from etsy. You can shop them here. The black and white mugs add some contrast. Now the upper shelf contains a cute fake plant and a wooden box where all of my teas are in. The white travel mug is from Emsa and my favorite brand. Never leaks and keeps my coffee hot.

The shelving system is Ikea. The shelves are called Burhult and the holder are called Ramshult.


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Delicious Bunny Bait as an Easter Treat…


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With Easter right around the corner I just can´t wait for all the delicious treats that come along our way and also for our big Easter brunch. I still have some other recipes I wanted to share with you but I couldn´t wait for the Bunny Bait cause it is so easy, funny and yummy plus it is amazing to gift to your family and friends. 

Colorwise there are endless possibilities but to make it Easter appropriate I went with green, yellow and orange. It looks so beautiful and springy I just love it. 

For our Bunny Bait I have used:

– mini pretzels

– macadamia nuts

– oat pillows 

– sprinkle mix Easter themed 

– crunch balls 

– M&M´s 

– white choclate

Quantities aren´t really that important here. I have used one cup of all the main ingredients and the sprinkles and M&M´s just to cover the crunch.

You can add and take away as many as you want. I have also made a Reel that you can watch on my Instagram account if you are interested. 

First I mix all the dry ingredients, then I put in the chocolate and stir, stir, stir. After that I spread the whole batter on a sheet pan and evenly distribute the sprinkles, crunch balls, M&M´s and everything else you want to use to decorate. Now you have to wait until the chocolate hardends. It can take up some hours. 

Then I break it into little pieces to put into Weck jars to keep it fresh or if you want to gift it you can put it into little paper or plastic bags. Also if you want to gift it for Easter you can definitely put on some bunny shaped tags. 

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Pretty and Delicious Dessert Idea…

dessert, pretty dessert, delicious and easy, giotto dessert, mango and nut dessert, dessert in a glass

dessert, pretty dessert, delicious and easy, giotto dessert, mango and nut dessert, dessert in a glass

dessert, pretty dessert, delicious and easy, giotto dessert, mango and nut dessert, dessert in a glass

dessert, pretty dessert, delicious and easy, giotto dessert, mango and nut dessert, dessert in a glass

dessert, pretty dessert, delicious and easy, giotto dessert, mango and nut dessert, dessert in a glass

dessert, pretty dessert, delicious and easy, giotto dessert, mango and nut dessert, dessert in a glass


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I started the year pretty strong with some fresh fashion posts and also worked out quite often so I wanted to share one of our Christmas and NYE desserts we indulged in and it tasted amazing plus it is super easy and quick to make – always a plus for desserts cause they can definitely take quite some time to make.

Since I didn´t have a dessert bowl I went with these pretty gold rim glasses I got from H&M Home years ago. I just love the way the dessert looked in the glasses and the portions still weren´t too big.


– low-fat quark

– mascarpone

– frozen mango or fresh (however you like it)

– Giotto

– vanilla sugar

– cream

– physalis

I mixed the mascarpone with the low-fat quark and the vanilla sugar. I really don´t have written down the amount I used, I used mixed it together until I liked the taste. But I would say mascarpone and low-fat quark can be the same amount. 

Let the frozen mango thaw overnight and blend it the next morning until it is smooth. 

So for the Giotto balls I used a rolling pin to crush them. 

That´s it so far in terms of preparation. Now get your glasses and start assembling your layered dessert.

I went with a layer of Giotto, mascarpone mix, mango, Giotto, mascarpone mix, cream and topped it of with some whole Giotto and physalis.

Everyone loved it on Christmas so I made it again for NYE. To be honest you could exchange the fruit for any you like. Would be super cute with strawberries for Valentine´s Day as well.

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