Summer Salad Sunday – German Sausage Salad, Green Goddess Salad, Potatoe Salad…


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German Sausage Salad

One of our absolute favorites. We make this one frequently especially in the Summer time. It is an easy cool dish for hot days with less ingredients.

There are existing different versions but this is our preferred.

German Sausage Salad


– pickles
– onions
– cheese cubes
– sausage (I used baloney but you can use what you like best)
– olive oil
– vinegar
– salt and pepper

– cut everything into little pieces, mix and season

Green Goddess Salad

I finally came around to try the viral Green Goddess salad and I have to admit I was a little dissapointed. Don’t get me wrong, it was good and tasty as well but I had high expectations cause the salad went viral some time ago and those were not met. Somehow I waited for a taste explosion that never came.

I have used @iamafoodblog s recipe and it was easy to follow and tasty as well. Didn’t use the nuts cause I can’t eat them.

I have had a filling lunch for three days. Great salad to make ahead for meal prep or dinner parties.

This is the recipe I have used.

Potatoe Salad

There are thousands of ways to make a potatoe salad but we like it simple with less ingredients and an oil and vinegar finish.


– potatoes (surprise)
– onion
– chives (dried or fresh)
– salt and pepper
– oil and vinegar
– Maggi (a liquid spice I use for a lot of things)

Peel, cut and cook the potatoes until they are soft.
Meanwhile cut the onions. Wait until the potatoes are cooled off a little before you mix everything together. Season and then stir.



Summer Salad Sunday – Gnocchi Salad, Classic Noodle Salad, Watermelon Salad…


I can´t believe that this is already the second batch of salads I am sharing here on my blog. This means that 6 weeks of Summer are already over and I definitely know where the time went but I am still sad that half of our Summer time is gone already.

But let´s just enjoy the last few week along with some delicious homemade salads.


Watermelon Salad

I have never made a watermelon salad before cause I always thought the sweet of the watermelon would taste very strange in combination with spices but let me tell you, the mix of sweet and salty was soooo good I have devoured two full plates😋


– cucumber
– watermelon
– feta cheese
– pine nuts
– arugula salad
– olive oil, salt and pepper

Chop everything and mix it together in a bowl. Don’t forget to roast your pine nuts. Best to eat in two days or it will get too watery.

Trust me it is worth a try cause it’s definitely delicious.


Classic Noodle Salad

Classic Noodle Salad with mayonnaise – This one might contain different ingredients for everyone, but I am sharing how we love it most.


– small noodles
– cheese
– corn
– pickles
– onion
– leberkäse (a german type of sausage – polony would be similar)
– bell peppers
– mayonnaise
– the liquid out of the pickles glass

While the noodles are boiling to be al dente I am cutting up every ingredient into little pieces.

I let the noodles sit a little so they can cool down and then I mix everything together including the mayonnaise and the pickle liquid (start with little and add more if you like – you can’t take it back out) ans stir, stir, stir.

The spiced in the pickle liquid and some some salt are usually enough seasonning – at least for our taste.


Gnocchi Salad

This would definitely be a meal on its own but also works great for BBQ’s or potluck dinner.


– gnocchi (these are like little potatoe dumplings used for pasta dishes)
– pine nuts
– basil leaves
– grated parmesan cheese
– vinegar

Roast the pine nuts in a pan, but be careful cause they can burn real fast.
Cook the gnocchi in hot water. They are ready when they are up on the surface.
Now mix everything together in a bowl. Be careful wuth the vinegar. You can always add more but not take it away.
That’s it 🍴

As always quantities aren’t super important here.


Summer Salad Sunday – Italian Pasta Salad, Greek Salad, Quinoa Chickpea Salad…


After my Soup Sunday Series back in the Fall I have now started a new one cause I had so much fun. It is called Summer Salad Sunday and I will hopefully be able to keep it going until September.

I love any kind of salads. They are the most versatile side dishes you could wish for cause a salad isn´t just lettuce and oil and vinegar. You can make a salad out of a million things and many salads won´t be a healthy treat in the end.

So let´s start and recap the last three of salads I have posted on Instagram including the making of:


Italian Pasta Salad

For our first round of Summer Salad Sunday I am sharing the Italian Pasta Salad. My mom has been making this one for over ten years and it is always a favorite with lots of ingredients Italy has to offer.

Italian Pasta Salad:

-macaroni (love these for convenience but every other small noodle does the trick)
– black olives
– sun dried tomatoes (almost forgot to add 😬)
– red pesto
– little mozzarella balls
– pickled artichokes

Cook the macaroni until they are al dente.
Meanwhile you can prepare all the other ingredients (wash, chop,…)
When your noodles are cooled off you can mix all of the ingredients together and stir, stir, stir
That’s it. Mangiare !!!

As far as meassuring goes I mostly eyeball it cause there isn’t a thing you can do wrong. If you love one ingredient more than the other just add a little more 😋

If stored in the fridge you can eat it for 3 days so this would also be a great option for Summer meal prep.

Greek Salad

The ingredients are all fresh and tasty so this doesn’t need much of a dressing, olive oil is enough.

Greek Salad Ingredients:

– feta cheese
– cucumber
– black olives
– onion
– tomatoes
– olive oil
– dried garden herbs

In terms of amounts we don’t take it that seriously over here. Just add more or less of what you like the most.

Cut up everything and mix it together. Add the olive oil and some dried herbs and stir, stir, stir.

Quinoa Chickpea Salad

This one is far away from a low calorie, lots of vegetables salad but it is easy to make, keeps you full and is great for meal prep too.


– quinoa
– chickpeas
– feta cheese
– avocado

I cook the quinoa for about 20 minutes and let it cool off after but you can also look at the packaging for proper handling.
Meanwhile I cut and rinse all the other ingredients.
When the quinoa is cooled of I add some olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Like always I do not have proper quantities to share. Add as much or less as you like and it tastes right for you.

I keep mine in the fridge and have a delicious lunch for about 4 days. 


Regensburg Brunch and Breakfast Spots Part#1…


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I LOVE breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day and I would rather eat breakfast dishes than anything else. Always. So since having children we are no strangers to getting up early and so we decided to go and try all of the different berakfast spots we can find in our city. 

I wanted to break it up in two parts cause we have tested a few and that would be way to much info at once. If you are ever in Regensburg, either for vacation or business you should definitely check out these places. We have been lots of times and tried the breakfast menu up and down. I am going to share my favorites of each and also some other significant things.

Also to be clear about breakfast. We do not like the normal breakfast like a piece of bread, butter and cheese. We always look for pancakes or waffles, egg variations and bowls. 

Breakfast / Brunch Spots in Regensburg


By far our favorite – by far. They have the most delicious and most extra dishes for breakfast. From eggs benedict to bowls, waffles, french toast and pancakes to avocado toast and breakfast burritos there really is something for everyone. They have a gluten free pancake option. Lots of different coffees (we are cappuccino people) and other hot beverages as well as juice and their own fresh lemonade. 

The garden behind is super pretty with lots of shade in the Summer. The inside is pretty as well but too big. There are some stairs everywhere so you will not be able to access the garden or the restrooms with a wheelchair. Also they do not have a changing table for babies. It is fairly priced and the dishes usually come very quick. Portions are pretty big. If you want to eat two different ones you´ll better share.


We have visited Charlie´s a few times now and it has great breakfast options but not as many as I´d hope for. The terrace and the indoors are super modern (black and gold always looks great together) and moody. Outside it can be a bit noisy cause there are two major streets going along. Also there is not much space inside so it will be a bit cozy if you are having a mom brunch with more than one stroller. Also the toilets are downstairs and there is no possibility for a wheelchair to get down other than the stairs.They do have a changing table for babies.

The pancakes and the breakfast sandwich are the best options to choose from. Of course you also can not go wrong with bacon and eggs. The prices are reasonable and the size of the portions are fine.



Café Kona

If you are having kids with you to take to breakfast this will be the best option. They have a corner with toys and books and small furniture to sit on. The breakfast is pretty normal. Bread, cold cuts and cheese and vegetables but the croissants are amazing.  They are warm and soft and delicious. I always order two cause they are gone pretty quick. Plus they offer bagels. I always take the English Bagel with bacon and eggs and beans.

There is a seperate bathroom to change diapers. You can get inside through the garden at the back of the restaurant if you have a stroller or wheelchair. If you are around the area in Fall make sure to try their pumpkin spice latte. I kid you not it tastes amazing.



Super small restaurant with a cute little garden on the back but also has super narrow aisles. It will be hard maneuvering with a stroller and that is why it´s best to sit out front. 

I love their pancakes and eggs plus the plates are the most colorful and pretty I have ever seen. 


Little Tony´s 

It is a two-storey restaurant. Pretty small but very cute. There isn´t much seating whether on the first or the second floor so I would make sure to make a reservation. There is a very small outdoor seating area but of course it is closed in Winter. 

I love to order the bacon and egg bread and the pancakes. So so good every damn time. Why is breakfast so much fun!! 

Very limited space for strollers but it is possible to get in and also toilets are accessable for wheelchairs and a changing table for kids is also available.


Part two is coming soon but there are a few places I need to get back first as well as to try more of their foods.

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