Planting my herbs….

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Hi guys,
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since the weather around here has been so unstable I am a little behind on getting my garden ready for Spring and Summer but there is one thing I have already accomplished and that is planting my herbs.

I love to cook and of course fresh products from straight out of the garden are way better than dried ones or frozen ones (don´t get me wrong I am using them as well).

So I planted my most used herbs. I didn´t want to put them into the earth cause when there are huge thunderstorms there is way to much water and lots of plants are damaged by that so I got this grey planter in wooden optic.

The herbs I planted are parsley, lemon balm, basil and chives. These are the greens I am using for most of my recipes so that is all I have planted so far. Maybe I am going for a second planter too but I first have to choose other herbs

The tricky point for me is how to keep them alive as long as possible. I honestly have never been good with plants or flowers. Don´t get me wrong I love flowers but they just don´t like me. 

Wishing you guys a great and hot weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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