New Years Eve table decoration….

Hi dolls,

first of all how is it possible Christmas is already over. I had been wating so long for spending these days at home with our families and now it is over and we are getting a fresh start for 2017. The only day in the year where we can go sparkly, shining and glamorous and won´t be overdressed in any way and where drinking a little too much champagne than usual is appropriate had been New Years Eve.
We spent our free days between Christmas and New Years Eve at home just cuddling on the sofa, playing with Chloe and making grocery lists for the NYE menu. I hosted the NYE dinner for our friends. I cooked for 12 people so this was a real challenge. And moreover between cooking and covering the table there are some new years solutions which would like to be picked for 2017. Do you already have some ? And what happened to yours last year ?
Here is a closer look on what I decided for my table space. I decided to go with gold, silver and black cause I found a lot of NYE items in this color combination from different stores.

  Thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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