Soup Sunday Recap – Tomatoe Soup, Potatoe Soup and Tortellini Spinach Soup…


Fall time equals soup time. The rainy days and cold evenings definitely long for comfort food. I have always loved soups and especially acknowledged and increas during Fall time so for this year I started a new series – Soup Sunday. I am sharing all through September and October and maybe November a new soup in a reel every Sunday. So if you are interested definitely head back to my Insta on Sundays. I have already posted three soups and wanted to recap them really short on here. 

Soup Sunday 1 – 3

Tomatoe Soup 

– 4 apples

– 4 onions

– some olive oil

– about a litre of tomatoe sauce

– 2 teaspoons of vegetable broth

– water 

– 300 grams of cream cheese

– salt and pepper

– toast, cheese and a lot of olive oil

– saute apples and onions in olive oil

– add vegetable broth and cook for about 20 minutes

– add tomatoe sauce and seasoning and cook for another 20 minutes 

– add cream cheese and puree

– enjoy with or without the grilled cheese sandwich


Potatoe Soup

– potatoes (about 2 kg)

– one leek

– diced bacon as much as you like

– sausages

– water

– chicken broth two tablespoons

– some oil or fat

– saute the bacon in the pot until crisp

– add the potatoes and the leek and cover with water

– add the chicken broth and stir

– let it cook for about 30 minutes or until potatoes are soft

– mash potatoes

– cut sausages and add topping if you like

– enjoy


Tortellini Spinach Soup

– tortellini (about 800 gr)

– tomato sauce (about 500 ml)

– chicken broth 500 ml

– cream cheese 

– frozen spinach 

– garlic / salt / pepper / oregano (a teaspoon of each)

– put everything (except the spinach) into the CrockPot and set on high for 3 and 1/2 hour 

– add the spinach during the last hour 

– enjoy



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