Birthday Girl // turning 29 today + 29 random facts…


Happy Birthday to me today,

yes it is my birthdy today. I am turning 29. I have never believed people when they said the last year before turning 30 feels hectic and pressured because you still want/have to accomplish so much until a new decade starts and I have to admit, I am not scared but it kind of feels weird though. Like every birthday or every special ocassion we are having dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Tiziano in Regensburg. It is small and cozy and the food is beyond delicious. 

So for this special ocassion today I am sharing 29 things I love, products I use, some personal stuff, favorite accessories and overall things to get to know me a little more (have a look at the last years birthday posts 27/28).


1 // Favorite lip combo ever: Maybelline Dark Rosewood lipstick and MAC Soar lipstick

2 // Favorite beauty tool: T3 Whirl Trio

3 // Best primer: NYX #nofilter (awesome quality, low price)

4 // Worst faux pass: super bushy eyebrows while I was in secondary school and blonde highlights on black hair which made me look like a zebra

5 // Favorite beauty blogger: Holly Ann Aeree and Carli Bybel

6 // Two beauty items I would never give up: lipstick and mascara

7 // Favorite shops for beauty items: Sephora, Flaconi, Douglas


8 // Favorite hand bag brands: Coach, Michael Kors, Tory Burch

9 // Favorite shop for office clothes: H&M

10 // Favorite color: red

11 // If its possible I´d rather wear dresses and skirts (not such a fan of pants).

12 // The worst piece of fashion ever (for me): fanny packs!

13 // Favorite season to dress for: Definitely fall

14 // My fashion idol from when I was younger: Fran Fine from The Nanny

15 // Worst fashion decision ever: turquoise jeans


16 // Favorite movie: The Devil wears Prada

17 // Favorite singer: Taylor Swift

18 // Favorite book ever: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban (read it 18 times)

19 // Best memory ever: Our wedding last year

20 // Favorite show ever: Modern Family and Gossip Girl

21 // Favorite Blogger of all time: Rachel Parcell from Pink Peonies, Sydney Carver from Summer Wind and Alexandra Weichert from Teggy French

22 // Favorite Quote: Getting angry doesn´t solve anything (I try to live by that but it doesn´t always work) and There can´t be too much glitter.

23 //Favorite drink hot and cold: coffee and champagne and diet coke

24 // Most annoying things for me: making phone calls, standing in line, certain noises (like the key tone of mobiles/snorring, know-it-alls, getting my hair wet.



25 // Places we are visiting this year: Hamburg and Lake Garda (again)

26 // Most impressive city I have ever been to: New York City

27 // Most charming city I have ever visited: Amsterdam

28 // Places on my travel bucket list: Paris, Scottland, Miami

29 // Most expensive city I have ever been too: Copenhagen

That´s it. Be sure to check back tomorrow for another Wedding Wednesday post. It is all about my wedding dress.

Thanks for stopping by.


It´s my birthday and 28 things about me you probably didn´t know….


Hi guys,

I am turnig 28 today and you might have noticed that we are celebrating my birthday away from home today – in Vienna, Austria. I thought this would be a nice idea since there where lots of parties I hosted during the holidays and I did´t want to host my own birthday party and I don´t like surprise parties.

So today I am sharing – besides some birthday pictures – 28 things (cause I turned 28 today) about me you might or you might not have known.

1 – I am a coffee addict – absolutely guilty
2 – I love buying books but don´t have enough time to read them
3 – I love eating peanut butter just from a spoon
4 – I eat my steak english
5 – If I don´t pick an outfit the night before I probably run an hour late cause I won´t find anything in the morning
6 – I am not and probably wil never be a morning person
7 – Chloe has her own bed but I let her sleep to my feet in our bed every night
8 – I am a candle hoarder – not burning as much as I am buying
9 – I had eyebrows like a wolf when I was in high school
10 – I hate driving. It is the worst for me to drive long distance
11 – I love everything that sparkles
12 – working out is the worst for me – I really hate it but I have to go
13 – I love learning song texts so I can sing along all the songs which are in the radio
14 – I am constantly trying to evolve my beauty routine
15 – I am terrible impatient
16 – I had always been bad at doing the maths
17 – my favorite color is red
18 – fall is my favorite season
19 – my eyes are green
20 – I am a natural blonde
21 – I would rather choose to eat tortilla chips than chocolate
22 – my favorite movie ever is The Devil wears Prada
23 – I love to cook
24 – I don´t run becaue no one has ever looked good running
25 – I broke my arm when I was nine
26 – I am line dancing in my spare time
27 – my favorite meal is a Ceasar Chicken Salad
28 – I have a huge lipstick collection but can´t stop buying new ones