It´s my birthday and 28 things about me you probably didn´t know….


Hi guys,

I am turnig 28 today and you might have noticed that we are celebrating my birthday away from home today – in Vienna, Austria. I thought this would be a nice idea since there where lots of parties I hosted during the holidays and I did´t want to host my own birthday party and I don´t like surprise parties.

So today I am sharing – besides some birthday pictures – 28 things (cause I turned 28 today) about me you might or you might not have known.

1 – I am a coffee addict – absolutely guilty
2 – I love buying books but don´t have enough time to read them
3 – I love eating peanut butter just from a spoon
4 – I eat my steak english
5 – If I don´t pick an outfit the night before I probably run an hour late cause I won´t find anything in the morning
6 – I am not and probably wil never be a morning person
7 – Chloe has her own bed but I let her sleep to my feet in our bed every night
8 – I am a candle hoarder – not burning as much as I am buying
9 – I had eyebrows like a wolf when I was in high school
10 – I hate driving. It is the worst for me to drive long distance
11 – I love everything that sparkles
12 – working out is the worst for me – I really hate it but I have to go
13 – I love learning song texts so I can sing along all the songs which are in the radio
14 – I am constantly trying to evolve my beauty routine
15 – I am terrible impatient
16 – I had always been bad at doing the maths
17 – my favorite color is red
18 – fall is my favorite season
19 – my eyes are green
20 – I am a natural blonde
21 – I would rather choose to eat tortilla chips than chocolate
22 – my favorite movie ever is The Devil wears Prada
23 – I love to cook
24 – I don´t run becaue no one has ever looked good running
25 – I broke my arm when I was nine
26 – I am line dancing in my spare time
27 – my favorite meal is a Ceasar Chicken Salad
28 – I have a huge lipstick collection but can´t stop buying new ones

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