How to decorate your Christmas Tree…


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It is the most wonderful time of hte year and what makes it even more pretty – an amazing twinkling and glittering whimsical Christmas tree in your house. It makes it more homes and also adds to that special pre-Christmas feeling.

The Christmas tree is the heart of our home during Christmas time and every day I can not wait to light it up when it gets dark outside in the evenings.

There are several ways to decorate your tree and and I am sharing how I do it today as well as the items I am using. Our tree is from Fairy Trees and I have ordered it off of amazon. It is the flocked tree in 180 cm. 

How I decorate our Christmas tree…

– first of all I put it together and fluff it out as much as possible / I am looking from different angles so I can find every area that still needs fluffing


– after that I vaccum cause the flocked trees loose a lot of artificial snow each year 

– then I am putting the tree skirt under


– now it is time to decorate / I start with my ornaments 


– followed by my garland (if I had a super long garland in one piece I would put the garland onto the tree before the ornaments put these are just pieces I drapped over in the front of the tree)


– now I am adding special ornaments like the pink glitter poinsettias and the glitter bows and the tree top


– the lights are the last thing I clip onto the tree and then I am ready to celebrate it



Christmas Tree Decor 21 – Color Theme Red and Green…


Happy Friday you guys,

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I finally came around to shot a close up of my tree. To be honest I have done many trees the last few years but this years tree might be my absolute favorite – or am I saying this every year!!!

The color concept for our Christmas tree is as simple and classic but as chic and beautiful as possible. It is Red and Green – THE  original Christmas colors in my opinion. 

I always start by adding the plain ornaments to the tree and go from there. For this year´s concoction I went with all red and green ornaments. After that I added tartan print bows and glittery poinsettias in green and red. The poinsettias might be my favorite feature of the tree. 

Afterwards I go and get our special ornaments like the pickle or the Mickey bubble and place them all over tree. The last thing I add are the lights. They are just clip on and super easy to put on. 

I also got some fun things like the candy canes and candies so Emilia can also grab some things from the tree. We also started a new tradition this year. I am letting her pick one new ornament every year (going to write the year onto it) and then place it somewhere on the tree. This will be so much fun and when she is old enough and moving out she can start decorating her Christmas tree with all the cute ornaments she collected over the years.

She was very interested the first two or three days and always wanted to grab some ornaments but now she only wants to turn on the lights of the tree and look at it. 


10 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 5 – Hot Chocolate Station + Anthropologie mug…

sweater H&M / skirt old similar here and here / pumps H&M / lips NYX Perfet Red and Liner Spicy

Good morning you all,
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who doesn´t love a cup of hot chocolate am I right??
There is almost nothing better for the cold and frosty Christmas/winter time than a hot cup of cocoa with a little whip of heavy cream, marshmallows and some colorful sprinkles (definitely no diet drink). 

I for myself love a big cup of white hot chocolate over a dark at any time. So for our hot chocolate at home we don´t use powder, we melt real chocolate chips and stir them into hot milk. Afterwards you can add whatever you like.

– white chocolate chips (I get them in small batches from amazon)
– oat milk (you can use any milk you like)

– heavy cream
– mini marshmallows
– Christmas sprinkles

Enjoying your hot chocolate at home just screams something so cozy and comfortable. I wish I could do this everyday but work and calories cross my way. But why not invite your bestie to a cup of hot chocolate and a cheesy Christmas movie. This would be such a nice gesture and also a lot of fun.

Since I have found this Anthropologie mug with my monogram during our London trip last year I have used it quite over a hundred times. This is the perfect addition to your cupboard to have coffee, tea or hot chocolate with. That is why I am giving away one Anthropologie mug to one happy reader. Since mine isn´t available anymore I am giving away one of these beautiful tile inspired mugs with your personal monogram. 

Be sure to enter the giveaway below and also add which monogram you would like to have.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck.
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10 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 3 – Our Christmas Decoration – closed…


Hello guys,

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and happy Monday. I know I know Monday´s aren´t usually our favorite days but I have a little something to sweeten up your day.

And I might say this every year but our Christmas decor has never been prettier than this year. I have tried some different things and also decorated a few more areas than last year and in my opinion it turned out even more beautiful than I thought. I am going to break it down room by room so it will be easier to follow.

Family room:
Of course our family room is the most used place in the whole house so this is where most of the magic happens. I do have a different color theme every year and usually I am not straying far aside from the classics but I have gone wild this year and went with a totally fashionable Christmas tree in pink and black. Yes you hear that right but if you are a regular reader you already read my Christmas tree decoration post last week and are no further surprised.

Anther corner in our family room I enjoy decorating is our coffee table / tv area. We do have quite the space to put lots of decor so why not use it for the most wonderful time of the year. I went with the lighter pink version of the ornaments and created a little winter wood theme. With lots of different trees and deers. The gingham table runner is one of my favorites for this year since it has my most favorite pattern but also includes a Christmas embroidery on both sides. I also always keep our  advent wreath with the candles on our coffee table. Evey Sunday starting the 2nd of December there is going to be lit one candle and after the 4th Christmas is here. 

I haven´t had this much decor in our kitchen the years before. I always decorated the windowsill with lots of Christmas decor and candles but that was pretty it. This year I added christmassy kitchen towels and a bunch of poinsettias to my kitchen. I also reused the branches with berries and the red ribbons from two years ago for our bar stools. Absolutely love how our kitchen turned out and since most of our kitchen appliances are red I went with the classic Christmas Red pieces all over.

The entryway wasn´t such a welcoming space when we moved in but after some time and a lot of furniture changes it became really welcoming so since all of our guests will at first be in the entryway I decided to create a warm and welcoming space and what better could be for it than a candle. A candle, not only with its enjoyable light, but also with its smell is the perfect addition to any entryway. You can choose the scent you like your house to smell and even when you are not lighting it, it is a pretty piece of decoration. I personally love Yankee Candles. They are my favorite and they have the best scents for Christmastime. So for today´s giveaway I am giving away one large jar from Yankee Candle in the scent Holiday Sage. This is my favorite holiday scent ever and I hope it is going to be yours too very soon.

Another great addition to your entryway (if you are living in a house) is a handrail wrapped with garlands. I got mine about three weeks ago and his was probably the most work on decorating. I incorporated string lights and little ornaments and also got single red glass elements to add to the garlands. 

I was thinking about decorating our bedroom too but ended up ditching that idea since we are only up there for sleeping and it wouldn´t be worth the work and the money either.

Have you already decorated your home for Christmas? I would love to hear more about it and be sure to enter my giveaway below. It is open until the 10th of December. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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