9 Shows to watch in the Summer….



We are heading straight into Summer and with all the great activites to do then we probably stay busy but that doesn´t mean people aren´t watching TV in the Summer months. 

I wanted to share nine shows with you guys that would be perfect to watch in the Summer months (in terms of fashion and locations and weather). 

9 shows to watch this Summer

Country Comfort

Haven´t watched this one yet but I really loved the trailer and I think it is a very fun and light summer show to watch. A country bar singer turns into a nanny of five. Who wouldn´t love a country show.

Surviving Summer

Not my favorite at all cause those snotty teenagers are a real handful but I loved the ocean views and all the surf scenes.

Lincoln Lawyer

The best lawyer show in my opinion. Just the right amount of excitement, mystery and drama plus the sleek outfits don´t hurt at all. 

One Piece

One of my favorite childhood shows. Of course it was still only animated back then but I was so excited when I heard that there will be a new show starring real people. Season one is all about getting the crew together and I just can not wait for season two and all of the ocean adventures.

Sweet Magnolias

I have always loved everything southern and this really is a gem of a show. The houses, the outfits, the hair and of course the southern mentality and hospitality. Can´t wait for the next season.


Still not sure how I like it but it was not a very long show to watch. Only had a few episodes. I thought it was great how she built her empire until she got mad and turned herself in at the end. Very violent watch with lots of dead people and drugs but the true story of Griselda Blanco.

Selling the OC

I have started this a long time ago and was so over the drama at the end of season one but somehow gave it another chance and I am a few episodes into season two and like it a lot (at the moment, this can change very fast). The outfits are great and the houses with the ocean front views are just too die for. 

Selling Sunset

This has been my favorite show for a long time and I would have never thought that I will hate it this much at the end. It was great until season three but then everything took a turn for the worst. They all turned on each other. I am not even sure if there where house showings in season three cause things went down the drain so fast. The outfits got super slutty (I would never buy a house of a realtor looking like that – there is a very fine line between super stylish and sexy and what some of the girls are wearing).

The Summer I turned pretty

I loved the first season but wasn´t a fan of the second one. Too much anger and confusion. I loved the backdrops, the starring people, the awsome Summer moments and the dreamy houses. Hopefully season three picks up again and it will be better. 


9 Netflix Shows that are available now…


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We haven´t watched many shows for quite some time cause after December Emilia´s sleeping routine has been so messed up she was up until our bedtime almost everyday so there was no time left for us to watch new shows cause Mama has been really tired.

Now that the issues are revolved and we are back to our eight o´clock bedtime we have binged quite the shows the last two weeks and since it has been some time that I have shared new shows with you guys I wanted to give you an update. 

Big Timber // We were only searching for a show to watch while working on the computer but both of us got so hooked and we watched it in two days. So interesting. Who would have thought we could get sucked in by a show about wood.

Inventing Anna // Really love it so far. I have watched the first few episodes almost immediately. It is super interesting and of course I also stayed for the fashion.

Archive 81 // I wanted to watch this so badly but had to stop after the first episode. It is just to frightening for me and since I have to get Emilia in the middle of the night from her bed I can not watch horror anymore but my husband really liked it. Inbetween he said that it has some crazy twists and abnormal sh** but it was scary good to watch.

Catching Killers // For the last few months we have totally been into real crime shows and started a lot of different ones but this one was quite outstanding and also very interesting so we are definitely hoping for a second season.

The Kominsky Method // We loved this one a lot and have been very sad that it ended. Super funny but also a great show about friends you have your whole live. I loved it a lot and we will probably watch it again.

Stay Close // This is about a former stripper that ran away and changed her identity but after many years her past is coming back. It is definitely strange and for my opinion a little too easy for the killers to murder that many people but other than that we wouldn´t have guessed the outcome at all. It was really exciting the whole time. 

The Stranger // Not a huge fan of this show. So many things that were mentioned in the beginning didn´t end up or have been totally ignored or never revealed in the end. Bascially the wife of the main figure vanishes and it is all about finding her plus a stranger revealing secrets to different people which are all somehow connected.

Clickbait // Was alright but not my cup of tea. It is a mini show with only 8 episodes and that is absolutely enough. It shows how social media can easily be used to turn one´s live upside down and also share so many untruth facts about people which can also end very very badly.

Ginny & Georgia // I watched all of the episodes and ultimately decided I don´t like it and am not going to watch another season. It is just too much and over the top. I don´t like her scamming her way into every place and I also don´t like the daughter questioning her mother all the time and eventually leaving home. It has some cute parts and pretty outfits but not enough for me to keep watching.

So that´s it for another round-up of Netflix shows. Everytime I recap all of our shows I keep thinking “oh boy those are a lot of shows we watched” and then I go back on all of my Netflix posts and there will show up even more but I guess this is just normal am I right? With the possibilities of binge watching and streaming everything at all times.


9 Netflix Shows to watch in the gloomy cold Winter time or lockdown…


Good day ladies 

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and welcome to my fourth Netflix show guide. I can not believe we have watched this many shows already and to be honest, the pandemic and now the second lockdown didn´t help to slow us down. I have some awesome shows in today´s review plus some which really surprised me. Sometimes it is a good choice to push through some episodes until it gets better but often times it will remain rubbish.

Although Netflix is still our number one source for shows and movies we found a lot we liked on Disney + so I am going to share these very soon too.

Top 9 shows to watch in the gloomy and cold winter time / lockdown time

Virgin River // Loved this one from the beginning to the end. It is about a nurse/midwife who moves to a small town in the middle of nowhere for a fresh start after loosing her husband and baby girl. Just finished season two and the first one was definitely better but I am eager for season 3. The only one who is really bothering me is the major called Hope. She is super annoying and always in everyones business and messing with others life.

The Queen´s Gambit // This was a very short show with only 8 episodes but that was enough. The whole show is about chess and although it is very interesting to hear about all the matches and championships in chess I have never heard before, you could not watch more than one season on that matter. The show is about a little orphan and she is learning all about chess from the janitor of the orphanage she is living in. She get´s adopted at some point and makes her way through all the matches until she reaches the world championship in Russia.

Ms. Fisher´s  Murder Mysteries // This is what I would call a sassy show. The main character is Miss Fisher and she is a lady detective and settles in Melbourne to help the police with Murder Mysteries all around town. The outfits she is wearing and her charm is everything. I like her very much and as open as she is with others she sure has her own little secrets.

The Order // The Order is about a secret magic society who has been practicing for hundreds of years at the campus of a university. But there is also a secret werewolf society. Both didn´t know each other existed so this gets really interesting as they need to work together to protect the magic.

Sweet Magnolias // A cute show about the friendship of three very different ladies who are opening a spa together. They are always there for each other whether it is personally or professionally. A very light but entertaining watch. 

Get Organized with The Home Edit // If you like to organize your home, own a Dymo label maker and believe that every item in your household should have its dedicated place this show is for you. The sweet duo Clea and Joanna take on homes of celebrities and organize them from top to botton, shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer. Definitely encouraged me to get more organized. Don´t get me wrong I love being organized and have everything where it belongs but sometimes I need a little push and this show definitely helped me to get started again.

The American BBQ Showdown // Don´t watch this show hungry cause you will definitely regret it. This show features the most delicious BBQ meats and sides I have ever seen in my life. The jury demands excellent knowledge from their contestants and they absolutely deliver. Be prepared to at least try one of the recipes after the show. So so yummy.

Selling Sunset // If you like bitch fights this is the reality show for you plus it features luxurious wardrobes and the most exquisite houses you will ever see plus a bunch of pretty blondes. There isn´t a blunt day in the office of the Oppenheim brothers in Los Angeles.

Hollywood // Definitely one of the “keep going it will get better soon” category. The first two episodes weren´t the most catchy and I stopped but rewatched a few weeks later and it got great by episode three. It is about the old and glamorous Hollywood era and thematizes the status and value of black people and women in the movie industry. Really interesting to watch and of course such great costumes and movie sets. 

Since this is my fourth recap of Netflix shows for you guys I am linking the other three posts for you below.

The top 9 shows on Netflix to watch now

9 Netflix shows to watch in the Fall months

9 Netflix shows to watch during quarantine and after

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9 Netflix shows to watch during quarantine and after….


Hi you guys,

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I am checking back for another Netflix show review. You can read part I here and part II here. In summary it is a huge amount of shows I have already watched or still watching. I don´t know if I have watched this many shows when I was younger or when Netflix hadn´t been available. But let´s be honst having a baby and having to stay quarantined before has triggered the show addict in me. To be honest I find it a little hard to choose what to watch because there are so many different shows available. 

Netflix Shows Part III

The House of Flowers // I recently have started to watch season 2 (there are 3 seasons available to date) and learned to like it again. The end of season 1 was super strange and I honestly wasn´t sure if 

The Ranch // A funny show with lots of jokes and country charm. I totally liked it but it gets crude at times and that´s not everybody´s cup of tea.

The Tiger King // Super bizarr but you can´t look away once you started. Real life murder mystery with a hint of madness and a lot of wild animals.

The Bonfire of Destiny // If you like Titanic or Pride and Prejustce this show might be for you. Beautiful gowns amongst the backdrop of Paris. In the focus three different woman facing the difficulties of their lives after a huge fire that changed how things were forever.

Vampire Diaries // A bunch of teenagers, wolves and witches trying to protect their town and people against supernatural forces plus a lovestory in the middle of all.

Outer Banks // Just finished this one yesterday and I have to say it was a good story but again a bunch of teenager trying to find a sunken ship plus its gold. Followed by evil comrades-in-arms who are also interested in the gold worth millions.

Narcos // The story of Mexico´s most famous drug lord of all times. A total must see. 

Bad Blood // You are into cartel stuff then you will probably like this show a lot. Two seasons long and full of really cool surprises about all things mafia on Canadian soil.

Jessica Jones // Marvel superhero Jessica Jones is trying to find out how she has survived a car accident and why she had super powers right after her stay at the hospital all while fighting crime and running a detective agency.

All in all we have alreasy watched a ton of shows on Netflix during the pandemic outbreak and there are so many more interesting ones like the story of Jeffrey Epstein and The Americans plus I love that the Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York and Atlanta are now available.

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