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Good morning to all of my binge watching series junkies,

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since we subscribed to Neflix we haven´t watched normal tv in a very long time and in fact we don´t miss it at all. We can watch more than just one episode if we want and there is no commercial you have to sit out also your program can be paused at every time and finished later. Also you can pick from endless options of movies, shows and so much more. For us it is the invention of a century and we love it dearly.

So for today´s post I am rounding up the top shows on Netflix to watch now. I like to have different kinds of shows on my hands cause when I am at home running around cleaning I can´t give my full attention to a show but still want to be able to watch the next episode and understand what happened without rewatching it. But in the evenings when I finally have time to sit down on my sofa and watch a show or a movie without a break this is the time for more complex shows were you can´t even miss a minute.

Let´s dive into my picks:

Money Heist // We are probably the last ones by now who started with season one but better late than never. I loved it at the beginning but got a little bored halfway and pushed through. We are now at the end of season one and still trapped in the same building. This is going to go on like this for some more episodes. Hopefully the plot is staying exciting and unpredictable.

Grace & Frankie // I adore Jane Fonda. She is a marvellous actress and rocked this show. It is about all of the pains (physically and metally) of getting older plus when your husbands leaves you to marry his lawyer partner after 30 years. Doesn´t happen every day. Give it a try. It is funny and heartwarming and so truthful.

modern family // My alltime favorite show ever. I have probably seen every episode about 5 times by now and still love them all. It shows all the differences and problems a big patchwork family has to overcome with lots of humor.

The Crown // I was curious about this one cause I have read about it so many times and I have to admit I really love watching the show. First of all there is a huge learning factor if you are not familiar with british monarchie and second of all the actors are great to watch. I am currently on season two and not tired of it. The only downside is that I really don´t like Philip. Maybe it is the actor or the way he behaves. I thing he is a huge a**.

Chesapeake Shores // This is another background show I love to watch when I am doing blog work or anything else. It is about five children scattered all over the US coming back to their birth house as life is at its worst for each of them. The grandmother and father who still live their are thrilled to have them all back and help as much as possible. It is such a romantic and dramatic and scenic show. Might be a little to shallow for some but I love it.

Sherlock // We recently started to watch this and are fascinated but this is heavy food. If you want to watch it and know what they are talking about you have to focus a 100 %. They talk really fast and actions also happen very fast so there is no checking your phone or getting something from the kitchen in the meantime.

Friends // An all time classe – this is one of my background shows. I haven´t seen it since it finished on tv which has been quite some time. I have to admit I didn´t have it as this funny on my mind but I love it. It is perfect for doing something besides watching a show.

Queer Eye // I just love the Fab Five, there is nothing more I can see. To see how they change the lifes of people who are stuck in their every day routine and desperately unhappy makes me sob each and every time.

Suits // This is Florian´s pick but I had to add it here because he truly loves this show and get´s excited every time a new season comes out. I have been told it isn´t about the cases and clients primarily. It is about the work at the office and the relations between the other lawyers the staff and other law firms. Although I don´t understand much of it cause I have never seen even one full episode each of them is dressed very sharp.

Phew! That was a long post, so if you are still with me thank you. If not I completely understand. I am sharing another round-up of shows we have already seen probably next month.

Which ones will you be watching next or have you seen them all ?

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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