9 Netflix Shows to watch in the gloomy cold Winter time or lockdown…


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and welcome to my fourth Netflix show guide. I can not believe we have watched this many shows already and to be honest, the pandemic and now the second lockdown didn´t help to slow us down. I have some awesome shows in today´s review plus some which really surprised me. Sometimes it is a good choice to push through some episodes until it gets better but often times it will remain rubbish.

Although Netflix is still our number one source for shows and movies we found a lot we liked on Disney + so I am going to share these very soon too.

Top 9 shows to watch in the gloomy and cold winter time / lockdown time

Virgin River // Loved this one from the beginning to the end. It is about a nurse/midwife who moves to a small town in the middle of nowhere for a fresh start after loosing her husband and baby girl. Just finished season two and the first one was definitely better but I am eager for season 3. The only one who is really bothering me is the major called Hope. She is super annoying and always in everyones business and messing with others life.

The Queen´s Gambit // This was a very short show with only 8 episodes but that was enough. The whole show is about chess and although it is very interesting to hear about all the matches and championships in chess I have never heard before, you could not watch more than one season on that matter. The show is about a little orphan and she is learning all about chess from the janitor of the orphanage she is living in. She get´s adopted at some point and makes her way through all the matches until she reaches the world championship in Russia.

Ms. Fisher´s  Murder Mysteries // This is what I would call a sassy show. The main character is Miss Fisher and she is a lady detective and settles in Melbourne to help the police with Murder Mysteries all around town. The outfits she is wearing and her charm is everything. I like her very much and as open as she is with others she sure has her own little secrets.

The Order // The Order is about a secret magic society who has been practicing for hundreds of years at the campus of a university. But there is also a secret werewolf society. Both didn´t know each other existed so this gets really interesting as they need to work together to protect the magic.

Sweet Magnolias // A cute show about the friendship of three very different ladies who are opening a spa together. They are always there for each other whether it is personally or professionally. A very light but entertaining watch. 

Get Organized with The Home Edit // If you like to organize your home, own a Dymo label maker and believe that every item in your household should have its dedicated place this show is for you. The sweet duo Clea and Joanna take on homes of celebrities and organize them from top to botton, shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer. Definitely encouraged me to get more organized. Don´t get me wrong I love being organized and have everything where it belongs but sometimes I need a little push and this show definitely helped me to get started again.

The American BBQ Showdown // Don´t watch this show hungry cause you will definitely regret it. This show features the most delicious BBQ meats and sides I have ever seen in my life. The jury demands excellent knowledge from their contestants and they absolutely deliver. Be prepared to at least try one of the recipes after the show. So so yummy.

Selling Sunset // If you like bitch fights this is the reality show for you plus it features luxurious wardrobes and the most exquisite houses you will ever see plus a bunch of pretty blondes. There isn´t a blunt day in the office of the Oppenheim brothers in Los Angeles.

Hollywood // Definitely one of the “keep going it will get better soon” category. The first two episodes weren´t the most catchy and I stopped but rewatched a few weeks later and it got great by episode three. It is about the old and glamorous Hollywood era and thematizes the status and value of black people and women in the movie industry. Really interesting to watch and of course such great costumes and movie sets. 

Since this is my fourth recap of Netflix shows for you guys I am linking the other three posts for you below.

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