Emilia´s Whimsical Christmas Tree…


I couldn´t feel more joy than looking at Emilia´s little pink Christmas tree. These are the things I have been waiting to experience with my daughter and it is so fun. 

To be honest I did not want to get her a tree this year since I thought she would be too young to understand but you can clearly see how much she loves it and she definitely knows that it´s her because she calls our big tree Mama´s tree.

A pink tree was never on my radar but in my opinion it turned out perfect. The pink, white and clear ornaments are the cutest and the bows and poinsettias round-up the whole theme. I went with a whimsical fairy swan and glitter theme and even my husband thinks it is beautiful.

He has to look at all the ornaments with Emilia every night and I just stand in the door and watch and it is the cutest. I have a good feeling that this Christmas could be even better than the last one.