The Bath Slippers Shoe Trend…


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I love a great accessory as much as every other gal but there is one trend I have recognized that is becoming more and more popular.

For today´s post we are having a closer look at the shoe department. I have been investing in a lot of flats lately. Cute sandals but flat cause it is just easier to handle a busy toddler and look after a newborn. The woven flats are still super hip and strappy sandals are super trendy as well but my feet are too swollen from pregnancy to wear these but I have found the perfect category for my postpartum self.

Bath slippers !! But why are they so popular right now?

I think it is because they are super convenient. Comfort is the number one thing by wearing a pair of bath slippers but also because they are easy and quick to put on. There are tons of different fashionable pairs out there. I for myself already got three pairs cause let´s be honest it was all I was wearing at the end of my pregnancy. I got a cute cream colored pair, this super sparkly pink pair and a awesome silver glittery pair. Looks like I am set for Summer right??!!

Have you hopped onto the bath slipper trend yet ? I would recommend you slide right in 🙂

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