The black and white Series #1-3

Hi guys

After I posted outfit pics almost every day I was thinking about something special. I decided to make a black and white series. I got a lot black and white dresses and skirts (I think inspired by my mom: she wears a lot of black)

So here are the first three outfits.

B&W s #1

This was a outfit I had worn in the city for running some errands. I really like the blouse. Very soft and comfortable material. And also light for summers to wear. The skirt is a light denim material with a slit upfront.
The bag has the famous modern and in trapez form. I like this one very much. Got the same style in two colors. The bag is from the mango only shop. Shoes are old, I do not know where I bought them anymore. 

Blouse H&M
Bag Mango
Skirt old
Shoes old

BaW s #2

This one I have worn at work this week. A nice alternative to a summer dress. The white lace shirt is light for summer. The pattern on the shirt are little flowers. The skirt is a flared skirt. My favorit style for summer. It swings with every step you take. I do like this a lot. The bag is my only white bag so that is the reason I am mostly wearing this one in the black and white series. And this bag was very hard to find for me. I have ordered a lot of different ones but I didn´t like any of them until this one. Finally because I almost gave up on this problem.

Shirt M&L Jeans
Skirt H&M
Shoes even&odd (from the Zalando online store)
Bag Bruno Banani
Belt old (from my moms closet)

B&W s #3

That was my friday going out for dinner outfit. I like star patterns a lot. I do not really know why, but when thy first came out I was really obsessed and bought almost everything with a star pattern. The skirt is lightweighty and has a black underskirt until my knees and the rest is a transparent kind a tulle material. Great for summer. The sandals are H&M from their last years collection. They look very chic and are a good choice for evening outfits. The bag is the same like in the most picutres where a white bag fits. Have mentioned that above. The watch is a Omega constellation. That was a christmas present from my parents. Absolutely love this watch.

Blouse New Yorker
Skirt Orsay
Shoes H&M
Bag Bruno Banani
Watch Omega Constellation

Take care. See you 🙂

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