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Hi guys and welcome to another Wedding Wednesday post,
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since you might now from my former posts I had my Bridal Brunch two Saturday´s ago. I invited all the girls and ladies which attend our wedding for brunch and also to get to know each other. Might have gotten some presents all well and I really don´t mind about that.

The theme was pretty clear from the invitations to the flowers and table scape and to the cake everything was pink, blush and rose with a touch of gold.

Since we are getting married in the fall and also Florian wasn´t that fond of the idea of pink accents at our wedding I went all in for this event.

The invitations really looked like I had imagined. Soft hues wiht florals around the text and blush on the back. This is a letter I would love to receive in the mail and not always plain white bills. I got them from and they usually where save-the-date cards but since you can customize everything you can write on top what you like. I decided to go with round corners and the mother-of-pearl finish. They turned out so nice. I am glad I could save some for my memory wedding box.

Since I invited so many people and my living room is only capable of hosting 14 sitting people or 20 standing people I had to extend to the outside. Luckily the weather was alright so we also got some fresh air and more space. I stringed together 3 tables and covered them in white. Adding a rose sequin table runner immediately created a romantic look. So did the paper plates with the beautiful flower pattern. I wanted to have all of the tableware in plastic or cardboard so I could easily throw it into the gargabe afterwards. Even we are having a big dishwasher but this would have taken many loads to get cleaned up.
I devided the food and the drinks so people wouldn´t gather up in one corner and get stuck. The coffee table was covered with coffee, different juices and of course some bubbly. 
Have you noticed the adorable flower arrangements on the table. They where made by Florian´s adorable mum. She is just the sweetest and so talented with all things flowery. The hydreangeas and roses came from her own garden. Also the smell of the flowers was incredible.

The buffet consisted of two tables I clothed with pink plastic ruffle table clothes to hide the hiddeous legs.  
We had a sweet and a hearty side offering fresh watermelon, doughnuts, quark dish with berries, rice pudding with raspberry sauce and of course the most adorable cake I have seen in a while. A blush marzipan cake topped with flowers and melted golden colored white chocolate. My heart literally skipped a beat when I unpacked it for the first time. If you like this was the test run for our wedding cake cause it comes from the same cake shop.
The hearty side was covered in salmon burritos and fish filled croissants. Hearty miniature bundt cakes (recipe is coming soon) and a cheese board.

This couldn´t take place without the help of my adorable bridesmaids who helped get everything ready in the morning, the pretty flower bouquets Florian´s mom made and the delicous salmon burritos my mum contributed.

It was a really fun brunch and everyone was talking and interacting with the others and was getting to know eacht other just how I intended it. Now they are having another base when they are meeting again at the wedding in a month and can catch up.

We really are on the home straight to our wedding. My bachelorette weekend is starting tomorrow and Florian´s bachelor party is in two weeks and there is only his birhtday party on the 4th then and wohoo – our wedding.

Thanks for stopping by guys. Take care. See you.

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