The Square Neck – an unusual neckline…


Happy Hump Day you guys,

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it is a holiday today and it also snowed the whole day so we didn´t do much to be honest. My husband is home for the rest of January and I must say I really could get used of having him around all the time. 

With the snow everywhere I am in a total mood of posting one snow and winter outfit after another but I still have some styled outfits I wanted to share with you as well.

My favorite style for the Winter definitely is a turtleneck but I recently discovered the square neck sweater too.

The square neck has been popular in the 1940´s and had its comback last year. The flattering shape of the square neck fits most body types which makes it a great piece for a wide range of different woman. Square necks actually appeared first on gown at the end of the 18th century so they have existed for a quite a long time and now made their way back into stores.

This outfit has been one of my Christmas styles but still looks super cute if you are wearing it now. The skirt is cozy and warm but still looks a little dressier cause of the pencil style cut.

I do have a bunch of stlyed outfits for this and next week and they all somehow contain red or pink so not so much surprise on the color front here as on the difference of the styles.

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