The White Shirt Edit…


I love white shirts. No matter the collar, the fit, the lenght, the hemline and so on. A white shirt is a classic and complements so many looks and I own a lot. They work great to wear under cardigans and jackets in the cooler months but also amazing with flowy skirts, all kinds of patterns or solo.

When Spring rolls around I browse through my closet everytime to pick out the white shirts, t-shirts and blouses I have left from seasons before and see what still works and fits. 

Unfortunately the white shirts stain pretty quick (whether it is from food or sweating) and some won´t get clean from the washer so it means parting at some point. 

I have plenty of looks to share with you guys wearing different shirts. 

Classic white shirt / rib knit


One-Shoulder Shirts / Off Shoulder Shirts / Tanks


White Button Shirts


Ruffle Shirts

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