French Bistro patio dining and hues of blue….

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Hello friends,
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I am a born host! I love to cook and serve meals. Love to walk around and make sure everyone has a cold drink in his hand. I´d rather run around and prepare and cook and clean the whole evening than sit around and chat for four hours straight. Don´t get me wrong. I am not aversed to making conversation and I think I can handle the small talk game very well it is just that I love to get everyone together to enjoy a homemade meal.

I have been on the home decor train for a long time and my latest color obsession without a doubt is blue. Ever since I finished recdecorating our living room in the most gorgeous blue hues I can´t get enough of it. And it works so good with many other colors.
Since our patio is done (view post here) we love to entertain outside. It has just such a nice summer vibe when you can have a BBQ at your own patio than having one at a restaurant. 

The blue had to be part of our little dinner party so I tried to incorporate as much as possible without overdoing it. In my opinion it turned out pretty great. 

For dinner I made focaccia and a mixed salad with yoghurt dressing and also grilled salmon which wasn´t quite ready as we took the pictures.

For the focaccia (flat baked Italian breakd similar to pizza):
Usually you only sprinkle it with salt, olive oil and rosemary but I added some prosciutto, onions, feta cheese and mushrooms (I simply bought the pizza dough and made it extra flat and without sauce).

The salad was the garnish for the salmon which is not picutred. It included lettuce, feta cheese and pine nuts. Also a bunch of homemade croutons and green olives. I made a yoghurt dressing for it including a cup of yoghurt, mustard, vingegar, vegetable stock and salad herbs. In fact you can´t do much wrong by playing around with the texture. I don´t like it super creamy but also not to watery.

Do you love hosting dinner or are you prefered on the guest side?
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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