We are engaged….


Hi guys,

this post was a long ovedue one but now I finally have time to write a blog post about it. We are ENGAGED. I am so so so happy.

To say I didn´t see it coming wouldn´t be true cause we talked about it a lot but I was not quite sure about the where and when and of course I had no idea how the ring would look like. He knew that I prefer a classic shape but rest was up to him.

On Christmas Eve Florian finally pulled the trigger. We had champagne and he gave the ring before the other presents to me (wasn´t quite interested in them afterwards but now I love them), he also said a few words but I want to keep them private.

So now I am in full wedding planing mode. We already have set a date for the middle of September this year. I also have found a location we both like this week. 

I am planing on sharing the progress for the wedding on the blog and I couldn´t be more excited. I hope you all also looking forward to read my wedding planing post since this is going to be an exciting time.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care and have a nice weekend.

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