Weekly Review #3

It was my birthday week this week and we did a few thigns to celebrate my special day but other than that it was pretty much business as usual. 

My birthday was on Monday and we only had some coffee and cake with my family and I went to my line dancing group in the evening. 

On Tuesday we had the worst icy rain and snow I have seen in years. It was not possible to go anywhere. Also the other days have been super duper cold so it was 



To be honest we didn´t do much cooking this week. I can not remember a single thing I have planned to cook last week but we went out for Sushi and we also had a huge pile of french fries while swimming. Indulged in some pretty tasty things and gonna have to make healthier choices next week.




We went swimming on Friday and it was the cutest. The kids always have so much fun splashing around in the water.



My mom colored my hair this week and I have used the new hair color from Garnier. I love the outcome very much and it is super easy to handle and messfree.


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