Weekly Review #6…


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To be honest the last couple of weeks have been pretty boring and I would bore myself reading this but if you had our weather you too just wouldn´t know what to do. It is still to cold and gloomy to stay outside for a long time and there are not many things to do indoor.

We had some carnival parties we couldn´t go to cause the kids have been sick so we tangle from week to week hoping it will get better soon. At some point all the toys are boring and the girls just want to go outside.


I have patted myself on the shoulder last week for cooking two meals (and having leftover too). Started meal planning again for the next so I can finally get into my groove again. Something just threw me off and I couldn´t get back into my daily cooking. I just didn´t know what to cook cause they girls despised everything and it was all so much work cooking with two toddlers but I think things are gonna change around here.

Hot Dogs – was a huge hit with my husband, the girls only ate the sausage

Hamburger Helper – was a huge hit with the kids, they even ate the leftovers the next day


This might have been the last week I am wearing Winter looks. The temperatures will be up to 15 degrees for the most of the next week so I am definitely getting my Spring wardrobe ready to wear. I love layering but I definitely prefer a lighter layer at this point and shoes that are not boots.



We had our carneval themed Line Dance party on Saturday and we had lots of fun dancing and admiring all the other costumes. The deers with one hunter have been the best group costume.


Today was my MIL birthday and she made this gorgeous cake. It was huge and delicious.

Quote of the Week

Never give up on the things that make you smile.

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