What to put into your Toddler´s advent calendar…


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Buying little gifts and frills is one of my favorite things to do for Emilia cause she is always so amazed even by the smallest things like little figurines a piece of chocolate or stickers.

The advent calendar I got is the prettiest I have ever seen anywhere (you can buy it here – I have the XXL version). It looks like a huge pile of presents. Each one different in color and decoration but all equally pretty. This will we used for years and I can get Helena one as well when she is old enough. This type of advent calendar is great cause as the interests change you can adjust the little things you will be filling it.

She really gets it now that it helps counting down the days until Christmas Day. It is going to be so cute opening a door every morning seeing her excitement but I am still going to put it away every morning cause you never know with these nosy toddler!!

What to put into your toddler´s advent calendar…

– Playmobil 123 or Duplo figurines (I have broken up little sets and divided it)

– Schleich animals

– stickers

– little Play-Doh´s (the confetti and glitter ones are super small and fit most doors)

– wooden food for play kitchen

– doll clothes / accessories (I have broken up an outfit with pants, shirts and shoes into three days)

– doll bottles or pacifiers

– little match box cars (for boys)

– other figurines they would love to play with (I got some from Peppa Pig as well)


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