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Happy Saturday, 

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wow where to start, where to start. It has been quite some time since I have updated you guys on Emilia´s progress. She is now 11 months and one week old which means we are in her birthday month now. I am planning a Minnie Mouse birthday party for my little girl and I hope so much that she will be excited as much as I am.

She recently started walking which is amazing. I never thought she would start this early and I am so proud of her. It is the cutest thing when she waddles around with her tiny little feet and tries to kick away everything in her way.

Another thing she loves is looking at pictures. We need to look at all of our photos in our house over and over again. Same with books. It is the cutest thing when she picks out a book and starts “reading” it. Also a book won´t be great if there aren´t dinosaurs or dogs in it. 

Emilia can say Mama and Papa and she can make like a fish when you ask her to. She winks when she has to go to bed or if someone is leaving.

She takes two big naps a day for which I am very glad cause otherwise I wouldn´t be able to get stuff done.  Now on to solids. We had our fair share of problems with introducing solids. I thing she just didn´t get the concept of why she suddenly had to add food to her diet when she was totally satisfied by her milk.

I had all the big plans on making baby food by myself and tried so many different vegetables but it was two spoons full and then done. Meanwhile we have found some things she will definitely eat containing oatmeal, chocolate pudding, pear, cheese, spaghetti and bread. It isn´t the variety I had wished for but to be honest this is a win in my book plus our pediatricin said that eating before their first birthday is still just a game to babies.

So that post was long overdue hence the long text but thanks for sticking with me. This is it for today. I am going to share recent baby finds on the blog next week plus I am planning on sharing our daily schedule which took us about 9 months to get there. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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