Emilia´s Two Months Update…

baby girl, two months update, baby, baby fashion

baby girl, two months update, baby, baby fashion

baby girl, two months update, baby, baby fashion

baby girl, two months update, baby, baby fashion

baby girl, two months update, baby, baby fashion


Time really flies when you are having a baby and they grow so fast. How on earth is she already two months old (27th is her date). We already have size 62 which means I had to pack away all her newborn clothes and that made me so sad cause she is getting so big. But it is also good cause she has to grow to be a healthy baby.

Everyday we are spending with her holds little surprises and that makes having a baby at home the best.

2 Month Update

The most significant change we have noticed is that she loves to laugh. She laughs a lot in the mornings the moment she wakes up and also smiles back at people all the time.

She is much more interested in bright colors, contrast and patterns. I love to show here the Hey Bear YouTube videos with high contrast clouds or fruits. 

Emilia still likes bath time and hope it stays this way. We have also washed her hair the first time last week and she couldn´t care less. This is a big relief cause I heard of many babies that hate water in their faces.

Her grip has gotten a lot tighter and she starts to grab things but doesn´t hold on a long time so we´ll see how long it takes until she starts to hold on to her toys. 

Hairs are really starting to grow but we still can´t decide what hair color she is going to get. I would say it is a dark blonde but outside in the sunlight it looks redish. Guess we´ll have to wait cause only time will tell.

To say that she is a active baby would be and understatement because she moves all the time from the moment she is awake until the time she goes to sleep. Her arms and legs are always in movement. 

Tummy time is getting better everyday and her neck muscles are getting stronger by the day. She is super interested in holding her head by herself and tries all the time. 

Another great accomplishment is that she only wakes up once at night which means I get a full 6 or 7 hours off sleep at once. That made such a different for myself that I don´t need to have my afternoon nap.

You see a lot has happened in the last 4 weeks and I am sure a lot more is going to come the next month. We have a doctor´s appointment on Wednesday and she is going to get her shots. I am terrified of how she will react and how bad the reaction will be. 

Read all about her one month update here.

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