5 simple tasks to make your Monday mornings more bearable…

monday´s, monday morning, week planning, planning, plan ahead, trying to like monday´s, staying ahead of mondays

monday´s, monday morning, week planning, planning, plan ahead, trying to like monday´s, staying ahead of mondays

Happy Monday morning y´all,
it´s Monday morning, your alam clock is going viral, you are tired as hell and your bones feel heavier than ever. There is still a lot to do until you can get ready for work and leave the house and honestly you really don´t feel like queen of the day. I got you girl. Waking up and looking like in the picutres above probably only happens once in a lifetime or on a well rested vacation. but I can help here.
I know most of us hate Mondays and that is just natural, cause the first day after the weekend is always the most dreaded one. If it was Tuesday we all would hate Tuesday. There are just a few people I know who seem to like the first day of the week or make it seem like they do.
And guess what ? We can be one of them too. I am sharing five simple tasks you can complete before the new week, to somewhat look forward to it.

#1 Clean up your kitchen on Sunday night

This might be kind of random but believe me, the feel of a clean and tidy kitchen is unbeatable. You can spare yourself the upcoming stress of entering your kitchen in the morning and finding a huge mess you need to clean up after work which already puts you in a bad mood. Do yourself a favor and take care of that the night before.

#2 Make a nice appointment

Book yourself a beauty treatment or go to a sports class you like or even make your own beauty night at home on Monday. Just schedule something  nice you are looking forward too and the first day of the week will go by way faster. Believe me. I always have my line dance class on Monday and I love it, so there is at least one thing on Mondays I really like and go right after work. This leaves a positive feedback of the day on your mind.

#3 Work off everything on the day before going into the weekend

I know this is not possible all of the time but at least try to get rid of the tasks you´ve been avoiding all week.

Preparation is key…

#4 Lay out your clothes the night before

If you are anything like me you will need to do that. I am in no way a morning person and I can´t decide on anything in the mornings and also have no kind of creativity or whatsoever. I really can not find something to wear. I would stand in front of my closet and stand and stand and wouldn´t find a single thing to wear. This is why I am preparing my outfit the night before includig everything that goes with it from underwear to jewelry. I have been doing this for years (for every day) and it saves me a huge amount of time.

#5 Meal prep 

That´s a easy one but often forgotten in all the hurry of the days. If you are cooking regularly this is for you. I like to eat the leftovers of dinner for next days lunch so I am always making a little more than we need. Also if you prefer cold dinner you can easily prep salad bowls for 3 days in advance. We don´t have a cafeteria at work or anything to get food in under 20 minutes nearby so I would have to take food with me anyways and to make sure I like and eat it I change the meals I am prepping weekly.

Have you ever tried any of these tipps ? I am constantly trying to improve myself to start fresh and looking forward into the new week. It is so hard for me as I am so not a morning person but I have the feeling the stricter I am the better it gets.

Do you have any other tipps please feel free to share in the comments.

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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