Best of our trip to south-tyrol – Bressanone….

^right after loading the car^

^hotel Löwenhof in Bressanone^

^view from our room^

^my travel outfit^

^jeans jacket / dress / espandrilles / sunnies^

^hotel patio^

^little church on the Plose mountain^

^dress similar here and here / sandals similar here and here / bag pack / sunnies^

^mountain view^

^mountain restaurant^

^old town of Bressanone^

^restaurant Kutscherhof inside the castle courtyard^

^forecourt castle^

^Hofburg Bressanone including the diocesan museum^

^mountain river crossing the city^

^dome and the torre bianco^

^front of the dome^

^our excursion to the Gilfenklamm^

^beautiful waterfalls behind every corner^


Hi dolls,

I had been so excited all along to show this travel recap with you. There where a few months between this vacation and our last trip to London and for me it seemed just like an endless time of waiting and of course time flew by during our stay, cause that´s how it is when you are enjoying your time so much.

This time we went on a (real) roadtrip. Normally I do not like this kind of vacations (went to brazil and had been on an roadtrip for almost three weeks – and don´t get me wrong it was beautiful but just so exhausting driving long distances until you get to a hotel where there might not even be a free room. So this time I planned upfront and booked our hotels early because we took Chloé with us and so we needed a dog-friendly hotel and we stayed a few days at every city we where stopping so I did not want to change accomodations inbetween this time. 

Yes we took Chloé and I had been so happy about this decision. I am always sad when I have to leave her at my parents house and it makes me even sader seeing other people on vacation who took their dogs with them. 
She had been really patiently during the drive and all the waiting and she really enjoyed the nature and we where there 24/7 so this had not been a problem at all.

So for our first three days we stayed in Bressanone (Brixen). This is a really small city (on some times there was no one on the streets) but also one of the biggest of south-tyrol so you can see this is a small part between Austria and Italy but it belongs to Italy.

After arriving at our hotel (the Löwenhof Hotel) and checking-in in the afternoon we first had coffee and a panini. Afterwards we went to the room and took a nap before heading to the pool.
For dinner we went down in the city. We ate at a restaurant called “Torre Biance” which means white tower – one of the sights in Bressanone. 

On our second day we decided to go a little outside the city by driving to a mountain called Plose. We took the cable railway to get to the top. Chloe wasn´t amused by the way. After we arrived it was pretty foggy but it cleared up really soon. We went on the trail to take a long walk with Chloe but turned back very soon as she was followed by a big free running cow. So we went to the mountain restaurant, had some coffee and enjoyed the view before taking the cable railway to get back to the car.
 After exploring some nature we went to the city centre to get some ice cream and to take a look at the shops. They didn´t have many since the city is little but I found a really cool italian store called Tezenis. The sell underwear and bathing suits and I found this super cute pineapple swimsuit and a ruffle bikini.
We went back to our hotel to lay at the pool and had some delicious mexican food at “Bufalo Cantina´s” for dinner. 
The third day was filled with adventure. We drove to Sterzing, a small place nearby and went up the “Gilfenklamm” a ravine which has so many clear waterfalls and beautiful nature. Chloe was really into it. She loved hopping her way up to the top. Arriving at the top we first had lunch at a restaurant. We ordered some typical food for the area and didn´t get disappointed. In my opinion we didn´t eat better the whole week than in this place. We had “Schlutzkrapfen” – a spinach filled kind of pasta which butter and parmesan cheese and “Nocketrio” – three different dumplings filled with mushrooms, spinach, cheese and a cole slaw with bacon topped with butter and cheese. So many calories but so delicious. On our way down and back to the car it started raining cats and dogs and we where soaking wet after a short time so the only thing we did for this day was taking a long and hot shower and eat dinner at the hotel´s restaurant. 

So in fact we did a lot during our first three days. 

What do you think ?

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

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