A Pet – a friend for lifetime….

Hi guys,
this post is dedicated to the Furry ones in our lives. Our best friends which are honestly faithful and standing by our side no matter what happens. 

Our dogs !!!

Maybe you know that I own a Jack Russel Terrier named Chloe. She is a little over two and a half years now and she is the most incredible dog I could have ever asked for.

She has such a good soul. She likes everyone who is coming to our house – even the mailman, but maybe she knows that he is delivering her toys and treats – and wants to play all the time. 
She loves running and hunting after birds – altough she should know that she is never gonna catch one – and swimming and splashing through the water. Also rolling through mud sometimes. ^^
Mostly we can´t get mad at her because she is too cute. She is starring at you with those big brown eyes and you just want to hug and cuddle her even if she has done something wrong (not good I know).
There is a dog basket beside my bed where she is sleeping but throughout the Winter months she is sneeking into our bed and lying under the warm thick blankets to our feet. 

So of course we are spoiling her with lots of treats and toys. So here is a closer look to our latest purchase of course together with Chloe.

Dog bowl – Hunter
Crocodile – Hunter
Snacks – Perrito
Leche and collar in Red – Wolters Cats and Dogs

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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