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Hi dolls,
today is the last day of the first month this year and I have to admit I got some stuff done I wanted do to for a long time so I am pretty proud of myself, I also had my birthday celebrations as I turned older in the middle of the month and we already booked one vacation for this year. And of course there are some products which turned out to be my favorites this January:
Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Set
I got this as a present from Florians mom for hosting the Christmas dinner and I haven´t had a chance to try it out since then and I have to admit – this is awesome. The main indgridients are rice milk and cherry blossoms.

EOS Hand Lotion
Normally I am using a Neutrogena hand lotion in Winter but for about two weeks our local drug store carries this brand and I had to had this lotion. It is fresh flowers and the smell is so good. It is so intensive and I just love every scent which comes with it.

Armani Jeans Hand bag
Got this as a pre-birthday present from Florian and I just love it. The color, the size, the shape – everything about it is perfect.

Black marble calendar
I found this one by coincidence while I was looking at some pics on Instagram and this one has catched my eye so I went on their page and ordered one. That´s the whole magic. It is pretty nice with lots of space to write in. The Website is called

Real Techniques Brush Set
I had my eye on this for a long time and I finally got it for my birthday (and also got a voucher for my birthday for my favorite beauty store – Douglas). I love the design it is a classic black and white design with a modern twist. The hairs are so soft and great for appealing make-up
This is the Berlin trend Edition.

Flower necklace
I got this super cute necklace from the H&M Winter sale. This would make a great piece for Spring. And after Christmas I am so in love with everything pink now. And this was a steal for only 5 Euros. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care. See you. 

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