(Summer)Activities for Children around Regensburg…


Emilia loves to explore and learn and see new things so we have gathered quite the experience going on day trips to certain parks or activities we think she might like and to this point we haven´t had a miss. There are of course some cons everywhere but they are mostly outweighed by her joy.

Holzkugel Steinberg am See

Entrance Fee: 11,50 € / children under 4 are free / lots of climbing possibilities and activities up to the viewing platform / stroller entrance / restaurant on site / playground on site / a huge lake right around the corner

You can easily spend an entire day here. 

Cons: dogs are not allowed / parking costs extra


Sea Life Munich

Entrance Fee: 19,95 € online ticket / children under 3 are free 

Cons: it is located in the Olympia Park / lots of people on site / parking isn´t free / on weekends and holidays strollers are not allowed inside cause there are too many people / if you are slow going through it still only takes you about an hour

I would suggest visit the Olympia swimming pool after. It is about two minutes away and has a big and very cute baby / toddler area. There never is much traffic. You can view all about it here. They only offer coffee and sweets so make sure to each upfront or take some snacks with you. Also you can not take your stroller with you

Wildgarten Furth im Wald

Entrance Fee: 4,50 € / children under 6 are free / huge area to explore with a dinosaur skeleton, underwater aquarium, suspension bridges, tree house / great for little children cause you can find new things around every corner / dogs are allowed / it is possible to take your stroller with you

Downside: there is no toilet / no possibility to buy food or drinks / few parking spots


Dinopark im Altmühltal

Entrance Fee: Children 3 and under are free / adults 19,90 € and children 12,90 €

Forest park with model dinosaurs & exhibits of excavated fossils, plus an outdoor play area where you can dig up your own fossils and a huge playground

Pros: there are several dining areas, so it won´t get too crowded around lunch time / food is very affordable and tasty as well / the digging area is under a huge roof so you can do at least one activity should it start to rain / there is a trampoline in the middle of the dinosaur tour (I loved it very much) / huge playground

Cons: only a lot to do and see if it doesn´t rain / it is pricey / gift shop is right at the entrance so prepare to buy at least one pink triceratops 😉


Bird Show / Castle of Riedenburg 

Entrance Fee: 10,00 € / children under 3 are free / open Tuesday-Sunday – shows are at 11:00 am and 03:00 pm

Cons: there are only two shows a day at fix times so it will be very crowded especially on holidays but I think it is worth it to at least see it one time / not much else to do other than have lunch or coffee / the way up from the parking spots is pretty long and steep 

There are a few hiking trails to go on as well as bob run nearby, but children need to be bigger for this.


Wildpark Höllohe

Entrance Fee: for free as well as the parking spots / goat food is 1 € per cup but it is plenty

Cons: It is super muddy and slippery when there has been lots of rain the days prior so you definitely need rain boots and a blanket for the car if you are bringing a stroller / it will get crowded very soon especially at the weekend

Pros: a great experience for children cause there are so many animals to see and feed / coffee is great / food tastes good and is very affordable / there is no entrance fee or parking fees


Pullman City 

Entrance Fee: 28.50 € / children under five are free 

Pros: it comes as close to the Wild West experience as it can possibly get in Germany / very well made – you feel like you are actually walking down main street to an old dusty saloon / I can wear all of my western style pieces and nobody cares / there are several shows for free throughout the day / the water playground is a huge plus for hot days / a little train to ride for children / animals to observe / 

Cons: everything else you want to do costs extra money like gold digging, glitter tattoos, parking / entrance fee is a lot / gets very crowded on weekends

Palm Beach

Entrance Fee: children under 1 for free / children from 1 – 5 years 6,90 €, adults 20,90 € for 4 hours, 26, 90 € for the whole day

Pros: great outdoor children´s play area for small and older children / food is great and lots of different dishes / all the different slides are so cool / the cabana area is beautiful / travel beds for babies are provided / the indoor water area for babies is amazing / you can take your stroller inside 

Cons: seriously don´t have any


Playmobil Fun Park

Entrance Fee: 17, 90 € from age 3 and up / free for under 3 year olds 

Pros: huge indoor area to play and climb if the weather is bad / coffee and food is definitely available / there are several restaurants on site (but they are really quick giving out food)

Cons: you have to book an online ticket or you won´t get in / every outdoor area has a kind of water playground so it definitely should be warm and sunny weather or you can only do half of it / parking is a few minutes away


Therme Erding 

Entrance Fee: 49 € per person / you can get a lower entrance fee by taking lesser hours, like 3 hours are 26 € / babies and younger children are the same than adults

To be perfectly honest – I did not enjoy it a lot. The food was alright but not very good, the baby area was a joke to me for a bath this size. It was super crowded for a weekday and way to huge for us to enjoy it. Also very expensive for a few hours of bathing fun. We won´t come back for a long time, if ever. 


Zoo Straubing

Entrance Fee: 7 € / children under 5 are free 

Pros: lots of animals to observe / there are hardly empty cages / food is super available

Cons: it gets very crowded around the middle of the day, especially on holidays and weekends / little space to eat at the restaurant area / no possibility of feeding any animals

Cow Café 

No entrance fee 

Cons: only open on Sundays and Holidays / in the midst of Summer there are soo many flies and it is pretty stinky 


Corn Maze

Entrance Fee: 5 € / children under 3 are free

Cons: only seasonably available / no activity for very hot or rainy days / really tricky – took us some time to get out again

Pros: the coffee shop is nearby as well as an outdoor playground for children / parkins is free and not far away

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