Best of Fashion Books // to read + coffee table styles…


I love home decor and many of my set-ups include a good amount of coffee table books. They are perfect to add a pop of color or to get different heights for your home decor.

But how great would it be if you could actually get some information out of your book. I personally love all of the Megan Hess books, not only are they beautifully drawn but they are also very informative on certain pieces and styles. Another one I really loved is the “How to look expensive” book. It shares many great tips regarding beauty and fashion on how to save money and stay low maintenance while looking great.

Now if that isn´t two birds with one stone am I right?! All of the books I own are very affordable but there are some which cost up to 100 of Euro. 

So how do I style the coffee table books? I either put two on top of each other and put a big decor piece like a lamp or a vase on it or I use a bigger book and place a picture a high slim vase and a candle in a jar with mathes beneath. There are hundreds of options to style your books.

Are you love coffee table books as much as I?

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