Casual Saturday #12….

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Hi dolls and happy happy Saturday,

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this was a rough week. In fact we only had one evening off but we made the most out of it. I am hosting a fun mexican eveinig tomorrow and I am really planing on building up a fun tablescape. 

We really didn´t do a lot of stuff which you would be interested.

I had line dance on Monady and Wednesday and my usual dancing lesson on Tuesday. And I started to go to the gym so I had a guiding in on Friday. 

 It was so hot this week so I only made cold and easy food.

I made this awesome cauliflower  pizza. 

 We also tried this inside out coffee I have found on Mara´s blog M loves M. It is a really cool idea to make ice cubes from your coffee and fill in the rest with cold milk. Such a cool idea for a hot day.

This had been a week full of stress so there wasn´t to much going on in this category.

I have found this super cut crossbody bag from Mango with this round metal handle. It is called the Zina bag and available in black and this creme shade and it looks pretty familiar to a high-end designer bag.


I also got this clock for my office. I like the wooden / metal mix and I think this is going to look pretty good behind my desk.

The last thing I got was this hairspray for my mom. It is the Living Proof Control Hairspray and it should control your hair so it is not getting frizzy.

The new Game of Thrones episode was live on Monday and of course we watched it and I must admit we forgot so much that was happening. Maybe there exists a summary somewhere so we can update a little. 
 I also watched The Bachelorette on Wednesday – in fact only the last 40 minutes – and I can´t believe that they are already going on the dream dates. It fells like it has just started. 

So that´s it for this week. I am now pre cooking and decorating for tonight. 

Hope you are all having a nice weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you.

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