How to get your front porch ready for fall…

Hi guys
it is already time to decorate my front porch to be ready for the gorgeous fall season and of course for Halloween.
I do not have a lot of space on my front porch but it is still all right for some decoration items, pumpkins and flowers.
I got these super nice flowers from our local garden shop. They are chrysanthemums and the color is so beautiful. In fact I wanted lots of more flowers but there is not much space.
Found those at our local home department store. I think you can get them almost everywhere around this time.

I put out 3 pumpkins. One with a not so scary Halloween face. Put I have more to carve in faces but I am gonna wait for that until we are closer at Halloween.

Had those two birdhouses left from last years fall decoration but they fit pretty nice out there.

I really like this years outside decoration – in fact it is the first time I have one because  last year I was living in an apartment on the first floor.

Birdhouses – similar here
Flowerpot –  Lechuza

Are you decorating your front porches ? What do you like ? 

Take care. See you. Love K. 

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