Casual Saturday #24….

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Hi guys and happy Saturday,

I hope you are also having a nice weekend. Here these are the only two days the weather is going to be pretty and warm before another snowstorm hits us. I am not seeing any difference since January. It goes up and down but it just doesn´t stay warm. 

But let´s talk about Easter which is at the end of next week. There are going to be about three or four Easter blog post planned for next week. In terms of categories there is going to something for home decor, food and drinks and of course clothing. Be sure to check back next week. Also I am doing a giveaway so you might wanna participate.
I didn´t do much shopping this week since we hit the IKEA store last Friday I was busy with building up furniture and add some finishing touches to my decoration.
I ordered two Disney movies (Aristocats and Arlo&Spot) – I just love love love anything Disney related, guess I never grew up – and also a CD with my favorite country band – Florida Georgia Line.
 The sun and warmer temps always get me in the Spring mood and Florian says when I am listening to my country playlists again it must be Spring. Soo true.
Be sure to try out yesterdays recipe. It is delicious believe me. I am kind of picky with fish dishes but this tastes terrific.  Also there are going to be some food ideas for your Easter brunch on the blog next week. A full bunny themed week.

Anyways we had our second anniversary on Monday so we went out to our favorite restaurant and I am always eating the same dish but I am not getting tired of it at all.

On Thursday we finally got our wedding license. This starts to feel very real. In two weeks there is kind of an information evening at our vendor with wine tasting and food tasting and getting to know everyone and the process.

Also since the weather is going to be fine today and tomorrow we are going to shoot seveal looks. So I might be busy on that front. I shot seven indoor posts yesterday. Still can´t believe how we accomplished it but my house looks liked it had a set in every room and not like a cozy and comfortable home. This reminds me of cleaning up the mess today.

So while I am cleaning you can catch up on this weeks blog posts if you haven´t already read them:

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Friday – Food Friday – tuna tartelettes and rice…

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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