Casual Saturday #3….


Hi guys,
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we accidently skipped a week but I had my monthly favorites post last Saturday. We didn´t do so many things.

I got a new rug for the living room. Obviously there is a rug thing going on these days. But this one is so chic and it totally revalues our living room and let´s be honest – the old rug had to go after Florian spilled beer on it and Chloe bleeded and peed on it.

As ususal there is a lot of cooking I did. We tried out filled peppers with minced meat. I got the recipe here

Another thing we tried was a salad (is it still a salad when there are the most of the ingridients other ones than salad?) with a sliced cutlet with some hot sriacha sauce, avocados, cheese, peppers and corn. So so delicious. 

 The third thing we tried is this roasted chicken and spaghetti menu. I never thought of eating chicken with noodles but it was really good. The sauce was made of melted cream cheese and capers. I had 

I lately got a new addition to my bag collection. The Corolla K bowling bag in white from Valentino Handbags. And by white I mean snow white. I had been looking for a white bag so so long but whether I didn´t like the white or the shape or the size or it just was too expensive. 

Another thing I got is this super cute ethno clutch for going out on Summer evenings. And how cute is the tassel. Maybe I was a cat in my earlier life.

This belt (I ended up giving the rest of them back cause they where all similar and I don´t really needed them) and how cute are these sandals?? They have palm trees on them (insert heart emoji here!!!). 


There are two things we started this week and we are still watching the Good Wife (season 3 currently). First of all we started the Stranger Things on Netflix. I wasn´t so sure about it first but after reading all the comments that it is a must watch we started last Monday and after watching two episodes I had to stop. It is just too scary for me so Florian is watching it when I am out at my dancing lessons. 
And the second one is Girlboss. I am so happy they made a series about it. I read the book and this is more the kind of thing I am watching on TV. 

We are planning on setting up the patio furniture today and hopefully it won´t rain until tonight so we can get some steaks and corn on the grill.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend.

Take care. See you.   

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