Casual Saturday #33…


Hi guys,
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and happy Saturday. Another super hot weekend is here and I couldn´t be happier. There are some things we have planed but not too much so there is still enough time left for doing absolutely nothing.

Yesterday we where out at the cinema to watch the new Jurassic World movie. They only had 3D which was a little disapointing cause I am not a real fan. I always get a headache watching 3D movies over a long time. But it was alright. I don´t want to say anything about the movie here in case you wanna see it by yourself.

We also went to the home depot yesterday because I want to change a little corner in my bathroom and I need some wood and a few decoration articles.

Today we are heading to my grandma´s. We haven´t been there in weeks so it is time.

For tonight we don´t have a plan so we might have a BBQ for ourselves and call it a night. 

I have tried and tested two brunch recipes which where awesome. Including salmon and other delights.

And tomorrow I am going to make some mini bundt cakes. You might think no big deal right ?! But they are going to include bacon and scallions. They might be the perfect side dish for trying out new red wines. 

In fact there wasn´t so much shopping involved this week. I got some tech stuff like charger, powerbank and other cables but you can read this in #travelthursday ´s post. 

I ordered the invitations for our bridal bruch and also some of the decor I want. But until I know the final number of attending people I can´t get everything.
 I am going with a rose and gold theme. Really girly this time since my wedding colors are orange and burgundy.

After a walk through our local drug store I have added a few beauty products into my home so I am going to try these out first before talking about them but you can click them in the widget below.

Now the week in blog posts:
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Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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