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Oh boy, the month of December is almost over and we did so much and are still not done but I think I am rounding up a little of the last month of the year before all the New Years reflections start to roll in.

December always is the busiest month over here. From decoration to Christmas shopping to attending and hosting holiday parties there is a little time left to visit advent markets or go on a Christmas themed dinner cruise.
So let´s see if I can remember the whole month:
Our annual holiday party has been on the last day of November. Celebrating the Christmas time with our close friends is always something I look forward too cause it is so much joy and fun laughing and talking together. View our tablescape here.
The Line Dance Christmas party has been on a usual training day which means it was on a Monday evening but that was alright with me since we always train on those nights. So it has been lots of dancing plus food.
Florian´s grandmas birthday is on the 5th of December so family is always coming together there for spending the afernoon or evening together.
The next dinner party we celebrated was actual Christmas Eve at Florian´s parents house. We always exchange presents, head to church and have lasagna afterwards followed by chatting way past midnight.
Family Christmas dinner is always at our house at the first holiday. I cook a four course menu and everyone can enjoy themselves while eating and chatting and drinking fine wine. Here is my table decor for this feast, fashionable in pink, black and gold.
 For some reason we skipped our December travels last year but we are back on track this year visiting the huge and phenomenal advent market in Leipzig and also took a look at their landmarks during the three days we stayed there. We found a shopping centre that´s like a mini version of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele from Milan called Mädler Passage.
The whole city is decorated with lights and garlands and it is just such a festive atmosphere. Be sure to check out my Leipzig travel guide coming very soon.
 The only real dinner we had this month (besides homecooked food) was a 4-course dinner cruise we participated. The interior is fully made of glass and Swarovski crystals and was overall super sparkly and christmassy. I have to admit I have never been on a dinner cruise before and I was a little nervous. View the post including pictures of our dinner cruise here.

If you are in the German area be sure to check out the advents markets. Every city has one and the food they sell couldn´t be more different. From tartes to roasted almonds to different sausages to gingerbreads and pastries is a thing for two for everyone.
The H&M after Christmas sale is my most favortie sale of the whole year. So many pieces which just got into stores are discounted pretty high online on the days between Christmas and NYE. Be sure to check out their page.
 To say I didin´t shop for myself would be a lie but about 90% of all my shopping this month has been Christmas related. Whether it was decor or presents. But I got a few things for myself while in Leipzig at Sephora and the Zalando Outlet Store. 

Besides all the Christmas movies there hasn´t been anything new I have watched on Netflix but we are going to see the new Mary Poppins Returns movie in the cinema tonight.
Thanks for staying with me until the end. This has been a long review but it also has been a long month. Now I am planning on new content and new post ideas and also have to finish painting our bedroom. 

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