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Hi guys,

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I love the Summer months for so many things but first and foremost cause there are so many things to do and live is happening outside again.

We finally set up our patio last week – I also wrote a post about it here -so we are sitting outside most of the time. Making BBQ´s, chatting with the neighbours, Chloe loves her little “pool” and just enjoy the warmth and the sun. This adds so much more quality to our spar-time it is insane.

As you might know I took a week of last week and we got lots of things done like going to places nearby I wanted to see for a long time or spending some hours at Ikea to get shelves and storage systems for our pantry/laundry room. 
 I tried out three new recipes. Let´s start with the sweets. This strawberry buttercream cake is so so good. It tastes like ice-cream. I got this recipe from Monika Hibbs blog (a canadian lifestyle blogger) and it is amazing. 

Another thing I tried is this marinated asparagus. I saw this on an Instagram story and I had to try it cause I love green asparagus. The marinade is so easy. Just put some olive oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic and balsamic into a bowl and mix it and leave it there for about and hour. Then bake it in a pan for about 15 minutes until the consistency of the asparagus gets a little softer. 
 The third dish I made are these spinach – salmon – feta noodles. They may look a little strange cause of the green color but the taste is great. 

We got two new shelves for our laundry room to at least create the illusion of looking tidy. Most of the time it is a mess in there. I just need this place to “housework”. 
 But now I set the focus onto the wall with the decoration so no one is looking on the floor anymore – hopefully.


I had been searching for a “blog bag” a long time. By “blog bag” I mean a big shopper which stands by itself and carries my blogging stuff like my calendar, notebook, camera, external hard drive and so on. I got this one from LYDC. I really like their bags and I am glad I found this one. The size is perfect for all my things and isn´t the pattern just cool. 
I also like this and this one. 

I also got a new leather jacket  Mangoon collection in a kind of a used sand color. I have been eying with this one since two months and on Friday the price was finally reduced in stores so I went for it. It is such a soft and thin leather and I love the smell of a new leather jacket. They also have it in a blush tone. So now I am hoping for cooler temps to wear it – no just kidding 🙂

I have been looking for a new foundation and after using this little sample from the Dior Forever foundation I am totally into it. Definitely going to order this one. Another thing I found and I couldn´t be more happy is this hairspray from Living proof which provides frizz. Since it started to have kind of a tropical climate here (this didn´t exist a few years ago) I am started to look for products like these and I found the perfect one through coincidence on Gal meets Glam. You can read the full post here.

 I didn´t watch anything new. Since the temeratures are so high we are outside the whole evening. Taking blog pics, dining outside, playing with Chloe, enjoying the sun. 
Florian started Better call Saul… yet another laywer series but I think he really likes it.
I also updated my pages on the blog. I have a trend section for a little while now so head over if you are interested into the latest trends.
I hope you had a nice week and having a great weekend. 
Thanks for stopping by.
Take care. See you.

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