Casual Saturday #35…


Hi guys,

it has been a while since I have done a Casual Saturday post. Time is really flying.

So let´s see what I have been up to the last weeks.

I had my bridal bruch three weeks ago and my bachelorette weekend last weekend. There is so much wedding stuff going on at the moment and I am in pure bliss. I really am not stressed out at all. I have a schedule, ordered everything by time. Already adjusted everything for the big day so there are only TWO!!! things left to do. It is incredible. Party planning throughout the years has paid off in my opinion.

So let´s see what I have discovered recently:

Drinks // I recently discovered the San Pellegrino lemonade series. I am not a sucker for soft drinks at all (all I usually like is a Diet Coke) but I love these. They are more on the fruity than on the lemonade side so extra point for that and the other thing is I don´t find them to sugary at all. We have tried orange, lemon and pomelo so far. Can´t wait to get the other two.

Shopping // I already started on styling fall looks cause I am so excited that it finally got cooler. I am really done with summer, the heat, the flood of insects, I am sweating all the time and everything starts to stink in a minute. You can see I am over it right!!! That is why the minute it started raining and to cool down I got my pumpkin spice candle and guess what – I missed the smell so much.
Loved this bag – the orange is the perfect fall color. Also this longsleeve is going to be perfect for transitioning into fall and who wouldn ´t love this black jeans??!!

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Reading // Two days ago I started a new book. It is called White Lies. It is about an doctor for mental ill patients who is getting reminded of her dark past and all her lies by a patient very soon. It took me a while to get into it but I am going to go through with it since the reviews where so great.

Blog Posts // I loved home decor posts this week. The big girl´s room Emily has created for her daughter Capri is so pretty. Everything is in white and blush pink. Just adorable. Also the dining room reveal from Mara of MLovesM – so beautiful. Got some real maritime flair over there. Like you are right at the ocean. So so nice.

Watching // I have finished season two of Queen of the South and now I have to wait about one year for season three. Also have watched Set It Up on Netflix and I really liked it a lot. The Neflix made movies are also very nice to watch. So I might browse through their library a little. 

Wishing you guys a nice weekend. We are at home and I made some homemade stew and we are watching old seasons of Modern Family for the rest of the evening.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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