Casual Sunday #36 and our day at the Bunte Beauty Days in Munich….


Hi guys,
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I has been quite a while since a little update around here (besides my usual posts) so today´s will be a little longer – which means get yourself a hot cup of delicious smelling coffee first – as there is a lot to tell but first of all “Happy Saturday”.

 Since I am in total Christmas mood, almost done with decorating the house, I am of course watching Christmas movies already. I can only use watch Netflix (wanted to subscribe to the Hallmark Channel but it isn´t available in my area – really sad day) so since there aren´t as many movies available for Christmas I have only seen Christmas with the Kranks and Christmas with a View and I am definitely going to watch The Spirit of Christmas again.


I have to admit we do not eat out as much as we used too and I don´t know exactly why because it is not about the money and also not that we don´t like the food that restaurants offer anymore. I guess it is just because we are getting cozy in the colder months and also love to enjoy a homecooked meal. 

But on Halloween we went out on a date night (hadn´t been on one since our honeymoon in September) and reserved a place at our favorite Indian restaurant in the city called Taj Mahal. It is super old. My mum has eaten there when she was young so I think they might be in business at least 30 years from now. We always eat the same dish number 65 called Murgh Masala – chicken with fragrant rice and a sauce so delicious and a little spicy. We also order a nan – an Indian flatbread – to make sure there is no drop of sauce wasted.

Last week we also headed out to another restaurant we love with my SIL and her boyfriend – the Beach House. They have Californian kitchen and such a fashionale and modern place. We also love the open cooking space cause the food smells so good. I always have the chicken caesar salad with sweet potatoe fries and guacamole and Florian mostly eats a burger cause they are so juicy and tasty.

 I made these spinach-ricotta-feta filled pancakes the other day and we where positively surprised cause they tasted really great. Definietly gonna make them again.

 I also tried the most baked recipe on the Internet – the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. If I liked it and how it went is to find in Friday´s post

Also still trying to find the perfect turkey gravy for Thanksgiving and time is running out so if you have any suggestions please tell me.

My SIL and I attended the Bunte Beauty Days in Munich two weeks ago and had a total blast. It was a trade show all about beauty, how to prevent aging of  your skin, you could get all dolled up with a new makeup look or sit and listen to presentations and also have a look at the newest products which weren´t store at that time. They had the new Dyson hair tools and lots of Arabian cosmetic brands. We made lots of pictures and great memories and overall had a really great day there. It is an annual trade show which takes place in Munich every year. 

 Since I am planning on repainting and remodelling our bedroom at the beginning of next year I am already looking for some new decor pieces and H&M Home never disappoints. I have found so many beautiful things in their online shops for every room in our house.
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Also already started Christmas shopping. Only need a few more things but I am gonna wait on the Black Friday deals for that (post follows).

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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