Cream Cheese for breakfast – three different ways…


Happy Friday guys,

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Breakfast is probably one of my favorite meals of the day. Although I can´t eat as much as I want cause I am full pretty quick but in my opinion there are the most options and varitety in breakfast.

I have made these three different versions of snacks for breakfast following the cream cheese theme here. Cream cheese is the perfect addition to almost anything as it tastes perfect with sweet and hearty foods.

Croissants and jamawesome combo of soft cream cheese in a fresh croissant topped with fruity jelly and some ripe fruit. 

Toast and salmon topped with scrambled eggs – A crispy warm toast with delicious smoked salmon topped of with milky and soft scrambled eggs and a hint of horseradish.

Sesame bagel topped with cress – Another favorite of mine, a sesame bagel with fresh and cold cream cheese and some super fresh and self-planted cress on top. Enjoy it for breakfast with a cup of coffee or as a snack with a refreshing glass of lemonade. 

These are my top three picks for adding cream cheese into your breakfast. Be sure to try one since the weekend is ahead of us or if you like make all three.

As always thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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