Easter Table Decoration

Hi guy´s

Easter egg hunt is coming closer and you might have planned a short vacation or a visit at your families house. My Easter is going to be definitely very stressful cause in the same week
I have to leave my apartment and move into my new house so there may not be so much Easter festivity for me this year – but that´s fine because after that I am living in the new house.
And I am really looking forward to it and showing you everything.

I ordered all this nice pieces from the Otto online shop.

In my opinion all we need is some color to feel better and much happier after this so long and cold winter. I always liked how pink and orange fit together and I found a tablecloth with little eggs on it which has definitely the same opinion like I am. 🙂

I got this nice neon orange coffee can. You can never get enough of coffee – or at least I can´t. It holds 1.5 litres so it might be enough for the first round of easter brunch.

The other items I got are a salt and pepper mill in pink. The look very futuristic. I first had to get used to this look. Further I got matching napkins with a orchid print on them. And of course – I always need those for decorating tables to dine – napkin holders. Those have sweet little teapots on them. They remind me a lot of the teapot and teacups of the beauty and the beast. Super cute.

The other thing I purchased is a wooden tray. You could also put the salt and pepper mills on it or anything else you like. It is available in two different sizes. This one is small.

And of course a matiching tablecloth with little colored easter eggs on it. Staying true to the color theme.

But now we are coming to my favorites – the black and white mugs with the different pops of colors and patterns. They look so great and so totally fresh for spring but in fact they do not match with the rest of the decoration I was showing you for easter and spring.

So here we go:

And here are the black and white mugs. They are so awesome. Totally love them.

How do you celebrate Easter?
We always do a family brunch on the Sunday – where everyone comes together.

Take care. See you. Love K.

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