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Happy Friday you guys,
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I am sharing another cookie recipe on the blog today. I usually don´t have any sweettooth but when it comes to cookies I am somehow out of control. The last cookie recipe I have shared was all over the internet and after I tried it I knew why. Be sure to check out the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe here.

For today´s post I have tried these oatmeal cookies I have found on allrecipes. I wanted to try oatmeal cookies for a long time now because they are supposed to be and stay super soft and super chewy. And they where.

I made them exactly like the reicpe said but only baked them for 8 minutes. They came out super soft but they get harder by the time they cool so be aware of that.

One thing I would make different is the amount of sugar. It contains a lot of sugar and in my opinion it makes them a little too sweet. Not unbearable but for my taste a little too sweet.

Also the dark chocolate topping isn´t in the recipe but that is quick and easy made by melting it in your microwave (be sure to use couverture which is made for high temperatures otherwise your choclate will burn instead of melt).

Another awesome and super easy cookie recipe. Maybe you need a little sweet treat for the weekend and these cookies would be perfect.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.

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