Casual Saturday #20….


Hi guys and welcome to another Casual Saturday, 

have you already recognized my new blog template. I had a hard time choosing with so many pretty designs but I ended up liking this one the most. It is from Designer Blogs and was about 12 Euro. 
I totally love the gold accents and squiggly font.

I now have a decoration theme for my wedding so there are going to be some DIY posts on Madame Schischi soon. 

On another note – what is wrong with the Bachelor this season? I just can´t get into it. He is a complete douche and the girls are pretty strange. I have never seen so many go on their own choice than in this sesason. Unbelivable.

We watched the first two seasons of Riverdale and we are obsessed. Unfortunately there are no new episodes now. Really sad but does anyone else has a slight girl crush on Cheryl??!!

Have you already tried yesterdays chicken noodle soup. I might go in for a second round this weekend. Just too delicious. 
 Also I want to try these tuna tarteletts. Seem to be awesome.

The week in blog posts: 

Monday – checked and red black dress
Tuesday – striped dress and hunter green blazer
Wednesday – my top essentials to make my work day prettier
Thursday – trendy and fashionable spring cravings
Friday – healthy chicken noodle soup

I am now off to visit my grandma. Have a nice weekend.

Take care. See you.

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