How to – candy Easter baskets for your brunch guests…

for table scape details have a look at this post / chocolate bunnies Lindt amazon / chocolate eggs Lindt amazon / Jelly Beans Lemon amazon / Easter grass amazon


Hi guys,
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the Easter fun continues today. After sharing the perfect dress for brunch here and our table scape in the 2018 color of the year here I am back for a cute DIY for joyful guests.

After setting up the tables I was thinking about what about a little something for everyone who is guest at our annual brunch ? Why not right.What is my first source for finding some inspo – right Pinterest. 

Guys you have to get on there if you are searching some ideas for Easter whether it is about decoration, Easter baskets or brunch ideas.

I didn´t found the exact idea on Pinterest, in fact it was a recipe for an Easter treat which looked identical so I came to my idea.

I got these little baskets at Nanu Nana. They where 95 cents each. Filled them up with grass or hay and put green Jelly Beans on top of it to rebuild the grass in tasty treats. 

The next step was to add chocolate in form of Easter bunnies. There wouldn´t be Easter without chocolate. I love Lindt chocolate. It is a bit on the pricey side but I think it is absolutely worth every penny.

And voila. They are super cute and also tasty and to much so you couldn´t eat them after brunch or just keep them during the Easter time.
Do you like them? Did you make any treats for your brunch guests or just made baskets for the little ones?
Thanks for stopping by. Take care. See you.
Be sure to check back for my favorite cake recipe tomorrow. 

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