How to set up an Easter Center Piece at your Dinning Room Table…


Table decor is one of my favorite things to create in terms of home decor and hosting especially for the holidays cause it can be as extra as possible. 

Easter is an amazing holiday to create a unique center piece for your dining room table you can leave and build your setting around or just enjoy between hosting. 

First of all I decide on a theme which wasn´t to hard here because it is clearly Easter and what would be better than bunnies and eggs. So that´s that.

The second thing I am always doing is set a color theme. This time I went with blue and blush cause the candles I got have the most beautiful tie-dye shade and I definitely wanted to incorporate them into my Easter center piece.

A great thing to add some interest to the whole scene is adding height. I you use different vases, candle holders and different sized pieces of decor to achive this. It is so easy and so much fun to play with the heights of all the pieces. Usually the center piece of my table decor is the highest one on the tabe, this time the blue vase. I decorated the cute branches of catkins with all of my glittery blush and blue Easter eggs and I love how it looks every year. 

White ceramic pieces are your friend in this case. The white isn´t distracting from the other colors and also keeps the table decor theme light and airy plus you can incorporate all of your white pieces into every upcoming season.

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