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Hello and happy Saturday everybody,

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We are preparing for mothers day over here so I don´t know where to start cause in fact we didn´t do anything else important.The week was short for both of us. Florian only worked until Tuesday and I did until Thursday. We had several appointments so it was easier to take days off. 
I had line dance on Monday and on Tuesday so nothing else happened there. On Wednesday we where invited to Florian´s cousins birthday party. Thank god it was a warm day and still warm in the evening cause you can´t attend an outside party with bad weather. I got a Coastal Scents Go Cairo palette and a flower bouquet as a present. You can never go wrong with flowers and I knew that she liked make-up and I got her this L´oréal eyeshadow palette in nude beige. The nude shades are a staple for every girls make-up drawer. 

The yearly fun fair started yesterday and I wanted to go so bad because I need to get updated and restocked on new spices. They have a little wooden store where they sell the best spices I have found so far. The problem is that they attend only two times a year so I have to know upfront what I need. 
 I ended up buying a lot. 
We set up our patio furniture last weekend and I love how it turned out (plannig a separate post about it soon). We got lots of fresh and colorful flowers. Now Summer can finally come. Now the only thing I am still looking are deckchairs. I already have a small table from Polywood. A red one, so I am not quite sure if I take two red or two grey deckchairs.

I only tried out two new recipes. I was curious about the egg roll in a bowl recipe I have seen so many times all over social media. So I had to try out this one cause who doesn´t love egg rolls.

The second one are baked burritos. I have read about it some time ago and with all the Cinquo de Mayo posts it came back in mind. You fill your burritos with all the ingredients you want to have in them and then you put them into a baking dish. Sprinkle some grated cheese on top (you can also use cheddar but I wanted gouda cheese) and put it into the oven for about 30 minutes (or just how you like it – I want a real crispy cheese crust). Really simple and so so delicious.

I have been eyeing with a few things but I am still not quite sure about it. It would be this bag. I love it but who needs a black one in Summer. 
Another thing I have been thinking about is this pair of studded heels. I already have the baby blue one and I like wearing them so much.

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So here is what I ordered this week. A bikini with a palm tree print and I am so looking forward to this. It is the ultimate Summer pattern for me (sorry flamingos) and a beach blanket for our Summer vacation. It is a round one so I am pretty excited how it turns out.
Also two off-the-shoulder dresses, an orange one with short sleeves and a gingham one with long sleeves. 

There wasn´t really anything this week I was interested in. I have seen that Game of Thrones is going to be continued in July so there´s this. I have watched Peter Pan (the Disney movie) and I still love it. It is my favorite Disney movie back when I was a child and until now. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Take care. See you. 

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